Commission for Career Services Awards

Awarded yearly during the annual convention.  

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors an individual who has displayed exemplary service and commitment of time and energy to both the Commission for Career Services and the profession. The recipient has given outstanding service to the Commission, upheld professional standards showing integrity, and holds the esteem and appreciation of colleagues, students and peers. Any ACPA member may submit a nomination, but only ACPA Commission for Career Services members may receive the award.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award honors up to 3 individuals that have initiated and developed an innovative program, service delivery, approach, or assessment in career services.  The award is based on creativity, student impact, and success of the program, as determined by the achievement of the stated program goals.  Any ACPA member may submit a nomination, but only ACPA Commission for Career Services members may receive the award. *You are encouraged to provide supporting documents for this nomination, such as flyers, posters, or any other program materials.

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes one individual who has demonstrated strong leadership potential and contributions to the career services profession and/or to the ACPA Commission for Career Services.  Career services professionals who are members of ACPA and have two to ten years of full-time experience are eligible for this award. Any ACPA member may submit a nomination, but only ACPA Commission for Career Services members receive the award.

Previous Award Winners

Distinguished Service Award    

2018 – Tara Milliken

2017 – Cristina Lawson

2016 – 

2015 – Joselyn Bedell

2013 – Michael Cronk

2012 – Farouk Dey

2010 – Farouk Dey

2009 – Jennifer Browning and Libby K. Westley


Innovation Award          

2018 – California Polytechnic State University's Ashley Eberle, Travis Raynaud, Mallory Stoffel, Katie Ottoson, and Amie Hammond

2017 –  Imants Jaunarajs

2016 – Sara Greene

2015 – Christine Cruzvergara & Lesa Shouse

2014 – Michelle Jones

2013 – Kristina Novarro and Gavin Gaw

2012 – Ashleigh Heck

2010 – Jennie Cisar Lawrence and Amber Graham

2009 – Wil Jones Jr.


Rising Star Award

2018 – Kacey Schaum

2017 – Christina (Turissini) Salvadore

2016 – Cristina Lawson

2015 – Jake Nelko

2014 – Kevin Grubb & Jenny Sloop Johnson

2013 – Christine Cruzvergara

2012 – Maria Tomaino, and Susan Barclay

2009 – Matt Real (New Professional Award)

Outstanding Directorate Member - no longer awarded

2016 – Janie Spires

2015 – Ashleigh Brock

2014 – Ashleigh Brock

2013 – Michelle Jones

2012 – Leslie Kingsley


Mid Level Professional - no longer awarded

2015 – Jennifer Murphy


Leadership Award - no longer awarded

2011 – Heather White, Eric Hall, and Christine Cruzvergara

2010 – Manny Ruiz


Volunteerism Award - no longer awarded     

2011 – Leslie Kingsley

2010 – Christine Cruzvergara and Jennifer Antonini

2009 – Kacee Snyder, Jennifer Antonini, and Amber Graham


Program Award - no longer awarded

2010 – Claire Jacobson

2009 – John Bradac, Michael Cronk and Kristen Buchmann 


Awards received by the Commission for Career Services from ACPA 

ACPA 2007 Members Services Award

ACPA 2006 Programming Award

Outstanding Commission Newsletter Award, April 2004

Overall Distinguished Commission Award, April 2003