March 3 – 6, 2019 | Boston, Massachusetts

We invite you to attend the following opportunities sponsored by The Commission for Career Services:

  • Commission for Career Services open meeting
  • Sponsored convention programs
  • Fireside Chats
  • Social
  • Site visits

Information on dates and times to be posted December 2018.

Please see the convention schedule for program dates and times.

Contact Christina Salvadore (csalvadore@northampton.edu) if you'd like to volunteer with the Commission for Career Services' 2019 convention committee.

Call for programs is open now!

The Commission for Career Services encourages you to submit a career services themed educational session proposals for the ACPA19 Annual Convention in Boston! Get ideas for potential presentation topics by reviewing our archives of past programs

The ACPA19 Convention Team, ACPA Governing Board, Entity Leadership, and International Office are committed to a Convention centering attendees' experience, focusing on skill development as professionals and advancing our collective work towards Racial Justice and Decolonization. The ACPA19 experience provides intentional space focusing on wellness, with opportunities to gather, create, and be in community with one another.

ACPA19 will:

  1. center who we are and how we connect with one another in community
  2. celebrate with joy & gratitude the 95 years of our Association history as we envision a brighter, promising future continuing our commitment to student learning and development
  3. create space for deep engagement, reflection, & story sharing while balancing the need to celebrate us and have some fun
  4. call us to action to better ourselves and the communities and world around us.

The ACPA19 Convention Team invites educational session proposals that engage these goals. The Call for Proposals includes the following session types:

  • Career Snapshot- 60 minutes: Presentation or skill-building session centering career development and advancement.
  • Convention Program- 60 minutes: Presentation or panel session on a specific topic.
  • Experiential Program- 75 minutes: Presentation on specific topic but includes an interactive skill-building or active learning opportunity for participants.
  • Extended Program- 150 minutes (2.5 hours): Presentation on specific topic but engages topic in deeper methods with synthesis of learning and skill-building.
  • Research Papers- 20 minutes of a 75-minute session: Presentation of emergent research in higher education in a hosted session with two other research papers.
  • Research & Practice Posters: Posters on display during scheduled times of ACPA19 with presentation times facilitated by the authors.

The ACPA19 Program team is developing resources to assist as you prepare your educational session submission. These resources will include a program proposal worksheet - a form one can build out program proposal prior to entering it into the portal, the rubrics used to review program submissions, as well as webcasts, blog posts and micro-sessions. These resources will be available on the ACPA19 curriculum website and will be posted as soon as they are available.

The due date to submit a proposal is Friday, 7 September 2018. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to submit proposals including and especially ACPA members of color, trans members, women, members with differing abilities, and members with other minoritized or silenced identities.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with the submission process, contact the Rachel Beech, ACPA19 Program Chair, conventionprograms@acpa.nche.edu.


Call for program reviewers is open now!

All commission members are welcome to apply to be a reviewer. Refer to this link for more information and the reviewer application.