During the Fall 2017 election cycle,  Commission for Career Services members will vote to select new Directorate members, Commission Chair and Chair-Elect. 

Commission Chair Nominee- Tara Milliken, University of Wisconsin School of Business- Career Advisor

"I feel that my experience with the directorate, from 2015 to present, has prepared me well for the role of Chair of the Commission for Career Services. I have served as Vice Chair for the Convention committee, where we introduced Fireside Chats for the first time in 2016—this programming has since become a staple of our Commission’s Convention experience, and I’m grateful to have been a part of its implementation. I also believe that my role as the ACPA18 Career Development and Advancement Chair, has allowed me to gain a broader understanding of ACPA as an organization and the ways in which entity groups can influence and share in the work of our larger association. On a more personal note, I feel as if I’ve found my professional home in ACPA through this Commission, and its future success and my passion for helping other career services professionals understand that ACPA can be a space for critical conversations about our functional area is deeply important to me." 

Commission Chair-Elect Nominee: Kacey Schaum, Ohio University, Assistant Director- Career and Leadership Development Center, College of Arts & Sciences 

“My name is Kacey Schaum and I hoping to serve as the Commission for Career Services Chair-Elect. Along with my love for our work, I have found my professional home within ACPA. I have attended every convention since 2010, and have been serving in a variety of leadership roles since 2011. I first was elected to be on the Standing Committee for Graduate Students and New Professional (now Community of Practice) directorate at the 2011 annual convention.  Throughout my time on the SCGSNP, I was the Incoming Membership Coordinator, ACPA Ambassador Coordinator, and the Vice Chair for Networking.  In 2014, I began volunteering with the Commission for Student Involvement to begin connecting my professional role with my professional development.  In the midst of holding multiple positions, I also served on the Tampa Convention Team. All of my previous roles have lead me to currently service on the Commission for Career Services.  Last year, I served on the convention team and helped organize our events and programs in Columbus.  This year, I am serving as the Vice-Chair for Convention, which has allowed me to begin organizing events for convention, but also to oversee the sponsored program selection process. I believe that my loyalty and commitment to ACPA is evident. I love to feel as though I am contributing to the “bigger picture”, and not just the institution in which I am working. I hope that my love for our work and ACPA will encourage you to consider me for this position on the Commission for Career Services directorate board.  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to connect with me via email at kacey.schaum@gmail.com or on LinkedIn.”

Commission Directorate Board Nominees 

Caitlin Bach, Northampton Community College- Student Success Specialist 

"I would like to accept the nomination for the Directorate. I currently serve as the Student Success Specialist for Science and Technology in the office of Career Services at Northampton Community College in eastern PA. I also worked as the Student Life & Leadership Development Administrator at the same institution and spent time in Academic Success at a state institution. Prior to higher education, I worked as a high school English teacher and department chair for an inner-city charter school. I have experience in collaborating with a team and working to inform both myself and colleagues about new initiatives and best practices in my field. I have a great breadth of experiences and knowledge that I feel would be valuable to the directorate and hope that this experience would give me opportunities to work with many new colleagues in the field and expand my knowledge base. I have many skills and work experiences that I know would serve me well in the directorate and feel confident regarding my ability to meet the necessary time requirements of the position." 

Jennifer Brown, Marshall University- Program Manager for Internships and Experiential Learning

"I am a results-producing practitioner who thinks outside the box and is intuitive. I have developed a strong set of career counseling skills and believe career development must go beyond traditional practices and address the importance of being visible online, managing your brand, and networking.  I am especially proud of the work I have done in promoting community and engagement through social media.  In 2011, I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with my M.Ed and have been involved with ACPA since 2010.  My involvement with ACPA has largely been with the Coalition of Graduate Students and New Professionals (CGSNP).  I have served as the social media coordinator from 2013-2016 and the Vice Chair for Networking from 2015-2017.  CGSNP has been an awesome experience and helped ACPA truly feel like my home within higher education.  I have had the opportunity to volunteer with the Commission for Career Services at conferences and I am ready to take the next step and delve deeper into my chosen area, career services, and continue to learn, help expand knowledge, and welcome new members into the ACPA family."

Ashley Gei, Bluegrass Community & Technical College- Career Development Counselor

"I have recently received my Master in Social Work (MSW, 2015) at the University of Kentucky and Master in Educational Counseling and Psychology (M.Ed.) with a concentration in College Student Personnel at the University of Louisville (2017). I'm a Career Development Counselor and Academic Advisor for Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) for Lexington, Kentucky, where have been responsible for career and professional development for my students and staff for the last three years. Before BCTC, I had multiple positions at the University of Kentucky (as a undergraduate and graduate) in Annual Giving, Admissions and Orientation, clerical work for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Recruitment and Marketing/Engagement for the College of Arts and Sciences for five years. I also have other leadership responsibilities within ACPA as a Conference Chair-Elect for the Kentucky Chapter, College Personnel Association of Kentucky (CPAK), and a second year ambassador. 

I am interested in serving on the directorate in the hopes to be more directly involved with the commission. If elected in to the position, I want to provide more career and professional development opportunities for the Commission's members at a graduate, entry-, mid- and senior-level, and increase recruitment in ACPA and retain our current members. I want to help take the Commission to the next level for its members and ACPA at large."

Kristin L. Williams, Kent State University- Executive Director, Career Exploration and Development  

"I am interested in serving as a member of the directorate via the ACPA Commission for Career Services as the mission is a priority in my daily professional work, but also in my personal professional approach.  With the constant changes in higher education and the daily changes to the world of work, it is paramount that we continuously enhance our knowledge and share that both with the students we serve as well as with our colleagues across the profession.  Having benefited from the commission’s involvement in #SACareers, webinar series, and listserv communications, I look forward to being able to contribute some of those same benefits to my colleagues through the directorate. As we continue to work, in career services, to integrate our work into other facets and functional areas within higher education, I think it is important to stay connected to the national communities of support, and ACPA provides that venue." Full bio