CCAPS Committees

Several key committee and/or leadership appointees perform many of the essential duties of the Commission. These leadership positions are appointed by either the CCAPS Chairperson or by the Directorate.  The assignments vary widely in the time commitment they involve and the functions they fulfill. 

Current list of Committee Members and Liaisons

Information about the CCAPS committees can be found here, as well as Committee Handbooks.

1.      Archives

Purpose:  Maintain the Commission’s archival records.

Activities:  Decide which documents should be kept in the archival record, in addition to assisting Commission members in locating materials from the archives.  One member from each of the other committees will act as a liaison to the archives committee, assisting in identifying materials to be kept from that committee’s work.”

2.      Awards

Purpose:  To publicize, retrieve submissions and select recipients for the CCAPS-sponsored awards (Joan Dallum Graduate Student Research Award, Early, Mid Level, Lifetime Achievement Awards, and Thomas M. Magoon Excellence in Counseling Award).


  • Inform recipients of their award.
  • Recognize reviewers for their contribution at the annual convention.
  • Announce recipients of the awards at the annual convention.

Awards Committee Handbook


3.      Continuing Education

Purpose: Maintain five-year American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation as a CE sponsor and apply for annual accreditation as CEU sponsor from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).  Plan, organize and implement the procedures for selection of CE sponsored programs for the annual ACPA Convention. Facilitate the process through which members who are licensed attain continuing education credits for attending convention programs. 


    Prior to convention

  • Obtain selected programs from the general list of programs accepted for the annual ACPA convention and designated as requesting consideration for CE sponsorship.  Obtain programs also from CCAPS Program Committee Chair or CCAPS Chairperson.
  • Organize CE Committee members and recruit volunteers (including at least one social worker) to review programs.
  • Evaluate these programs for approval for continuing education credits using standards developed by APA and NASW.
  • Create CE-related forms and make CE packets for distribution at the convention.

     At the Convention

  • Recruit volunteers to distribute CE packets and collect evaluations at each continuing education program during the convention.

    After the Convention

  • Create and send reports for NASW and APA reflecting convention activities
  • Certify the forms completed by social workers who attended the convention and send forms to NASW and certificates of completion to the social workers.

    Every Five Years

  • Complete Application Form for Sponsors of Continuing Education Programs for Psychologists” to apply for re-accreditation from APA.

Continuing Education Handbook


4.      Elections

Purpose: Responsible for coordinating the nomination and electionprocess for positions on the CCAPS Directorate Body and Commission Chairperson.


  • Contact national office to arrange Internet elections with Peter Brown or designee.
  • Coordinate the collection of professional interest and elections statements of Directorate Body and candidates, as well as assist with the formulation and dissemination of the election ballot.
  • Educate Commission members about eligibility for office and voting.
  • Provide the Commission Directorate membership a demographic profile of the existing Directorate membership by counseling profession and size and type of institutions represented. Nominee biographical information provided the Commission prior to elections shall include reference to the above descriptive information.
  • Inform election candidates and CCAPS members of the results of the Directorate Body election.
  • Participate in Elections Chairs meeting at annual convention.

Elections Committee Handbook


5.      Membership

Purpose: To promote and maintain membership in the Commission.


  • Assume responsibility for the Commission’s participation in the annual Convention Showcase.
  • Track membership data provided by ACPA.
  • Develop and distribute a membership brochure for CCAPS.
  • Provide information to new and potential members.
  • Coordinate the distribution of Commission brochures at other conferences.
  • Develop and implement plan to make CCAPS members visible throughout annual  convention.
  • Organize early arrivals dinner/lunch during convention early enough for it to be printed in program.
  • Recruit and coordinate the volunteer greeters at Commission meetings at the Annual Convention.
  • Participate in Membership Chairs meeting at annual convention.

Membership Handbook


6.      Newsletter

Purpose: To provide Commission members with information about Commission activities as well as counseling center activities, events and issues important to professionals of college and university counseling center.  Publish three issues per year of the Counseling and Psychological Services Newsletter. 


  • Solicit and edit articles submitted by Commission members and other interested individuals.
  • Write newsletter editor’s column.
  • Obtain mailing labels and e-mail list from ACPA.
  • Handle all administrative and business aspects of newsletter publication.
  • Determine overall format and design of newsletter as well as issue content.
  • Attend newsletter editors’ meeting facilitated by ACPA Developments editor at annual convention.

 Newsletter Content:

  • Letter from CCAPS Chair
  • Letter from Newsletter Editor(s)
  • Feature articles
  • Announcements from committee chairs
  • Liaison reports
  • Post-convention issue information
  • Pre-convention issue information

Newsletter Committee Handbook


7.      Program

Purpose: Plan, organize and implement the procedures for selection of CCAPS-sponsored programs for the annual ACPA Convention.  


  • Circulate a Call for Programs via the newsletter, electronic mail, personal contact or special mailing.
  • Accept program proposals for evaluation.
  • Submit roundtables for review to convention Programming Committee.
  • Solicit reviewers for program proposals. 
  • Coordinate review process.
  • Determine which proposals will be commission sponsored. 
  • Determine which programs will be considered for co-sponsorship.  Negotiate with   commissions and/or ACPA Standing Committees to select programs for co-sponsorship.
  • Inform the Continuing Education Chair of the slate of programs to be considered for continuing education credit.
  • Recognize the program presenters and reviewers for their contribution to the convention.
  • Participate in Program Chairs meeting at the annual convention.

Program Committee Handbook


8.      Publicity

Purpose:  To publicize Commission-sponsored programs and continuing education approved programs to local schools in the location of the annual convention and to CCAPS members during the annual convention. 

Activities: Publicize commission-sponsored and continuing education approved programs to increase attendance during the Annual Convention.

Publicity Committee Handbook


9.      Website

Purpose:  To maintain the CCAPS website.


  • Monitor and make changes to the Web page as necessary. 
  • Inform the CCAPS directorate body of changes to the Web page.
  • Seek input from Commission members about updates or special needs for the web page.
  • Make updates to web page standards as recommended by the ACPA Marketing Director.