CGDSD Directorate members benefit from active involvement with a dynamic group of student affairs and services scholars and practitioners, representing a variety of functional areas, institutions, and jurisdictions. Involvement on the Directorate provides the opportunity for ongoing engagement with colleagues with a shared interest in international education and cross-cultural learning.

The Directorate Board consists of the following members: 

  • Chair: provides leadership and direction to the Directorate Board, serves as representative of the Commission
  • Chair-Elect (currently vacant): supports the Commission Chair
  • Past Chair (currently vacant): serves as resource to the Chair and ensures smooth transition of leadership of the Commission
  • Vice-Chair for Marketing and Media: oversees content development, production, and distribution of the Commission's e-newsletter and manages the Commission's social media
  • Vice-Chair(s) for Educational Programs: facilitate Webinars and other professional development opportunities throughout the year
  • Vice-Chair(s) for Sponsored Programs: oversees the process of recruiting and selecting sponsored programs for the ACPA Annual Convention
  • Faculty-in-Residence & Faculty-in-Residence-Elect: organize International Colloquium (pre-convention workshop at ACPA Annual Convention) and oversee research grant selection process
  • Awards Coordinator: oversee award selection process for commission-specific awards
  • Website Coordinator: manages and maintains Commission Website
  • Global Summit Coordinator: collaborates with IASAS to host an annual global student leader summit that brings together student leaders from around the world
  • ACPA Video on Demand Coordinator: recruits contributors and manages content for the international channel on ACPA Video on Demand
  • Blog Editor: recruit contributors and serves as editor of the Commission Blog
  • Member-at-Large: serves on the Directorate Board and assist with various Commission projects

For general questions, please e-mail us at If you have a specific question regarding an area of responsibility of one of the directorate board members, feel free to contact that member directly. Directorate members are elected to a three-year term by current CGDSD members. They exercise leadership for a specific portfolio within the Commission's mandate.

Gudrun Nyunt, Ph.D.


Faculty Specialist, ADVANCE Program for Inclusive Excellence, University of Maryland, College Park
Pronouns: she/her/hers
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Gudrun holds a Ph.D. in Student Affairs from the University of Maryland, College Park; a Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Connecticut; and a Bachelor in Journalism from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She currently serves as a Faculty Specialist for the ADVANCE Program for Inclusive Excellence, which strives to support the careers of women and underrepresented minority faculty at the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to starting her Ph.D., Gudrun worked for 7-years as a full-time professional in Residence Life at Miami University, the University of North Florida, and the University of Connecticut.

Gudrun, originally from Bregenz, Austria, has always been interested in the global dimensions of student development and cross-cultural learning. Gudrun studied abroad in Cincinnati, OH, in high school and later returned as an international student to the U.S. Gudrun also served as a Resident Director for Semester at Sea in Fall 2012. Her scholarly work has focused on understanding ways in which educators can intentionally shape learning environments to promote students' development of intercultural maturity.

Open Position


The Commission Chair-Elect position is currently vacant. The Chair-Elect supports the current Commission Chair with leadership and direction to the Directorate Board in service of the Commission's vision, mission, and goals.The Chair-Elect participates in Directorate meetings and may provide guidance and information related to past practice and decision-making. The Chair-Elect may also represent the Commission where necessary and appropriate. 

Sarah Corbin

Vice-Chair, Marketing & Media

Email the Vice-Chair for Marketing & Media

The Vice-Chair for Marketing & Media serves as a critical information link between the Directorate and Commission members. The Vice Chair oversees content development, production, and distribution of the Commission's e-newsletter and manages the Commission's presence on social media. The Vice Chair also partners with other Directorate members to widen member participation in Commission-sponsored initiatives, programs, and activities. External to the Commission, the Vice Chair may lead in exploring and developing partnerships with other entity groups and higher/tertiary education organizations.

Yuan Zhou

Vice-Chair, Educational Programs

University of Dayton (USA)
Email the Vice-Chair for Educational Programs

The Vice-Chair for Educational Programs facilitates the "Dial-a-Dialogue" webinar series and other educational programs beyond ACPA's Annual Convention.  The position works with members of the Directorate and Commission to identify session topics and presenters, market the presentations, and provide logistical support for the sessions.  Other opportunities include developing a professional development certificate program.

Organize and facilitate "Dial-a-Dialogue" webinar series

  • Generate webinar topics and presenters with Directorate and members
  • Contact presenters and schedule presentations approximately monthly
  • Send upcoming content and speaker biographies to Webmaster
  • Advertise upcoming dialogues using ACPA/GDSD social media
  • Communicate with interested participants and distribute log-in information
  • Provide technical support and serve as moderator during webinars
  • Send follow-up survey (if applicable) and invitation to upcoming events to participants
  • Download .mp3 recording of webinar and send to Webmaster to post in web archives
  • Send article about past webinar(s) and upcoming content and speaker bio to Newsletter

Develop professional development certificate program

  • Work with IO and others to build logistics for professional development certificate
  • Communicate with Awards to determine eligibility and administer certificates

Vivienne Felix, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair, Sponsored Programs

Associate Director, Experiential Learning
New York University
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
Office of Global Affairs
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Pronouns: she/her

Vivienne Felix is the Associate Director of Experiential Learning for New York University in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.  In this role, she supports faculty and staff who coordinate internships, student teaching, fieldwork, and clinical placements by providing guidance on best practices, coordinating policy development and implementation, and managing data collection across 11 academic departments. Prior to joining NYU, her work touched on high school-to-college transitions, assessment, and experiential education.  Additionally, she has taught English to Speakers of Other Languages in both nonprofit and academic settings.  Her research interests include policies and practices related to postsecondary access, completion, and diversity and inclusion, with special attention applied to the experiences of immigrant, undocumented immigrant, refugee, and Indigenous students.  Vivienne holds a B.A. in International Affairs from Lafayette College and a M.A. in Education from the University of Connecticut.  She earned her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, with a specialization in Comparative and International Education, from Bowling Green State University.

Anne Hornak


Associate Professor at Central Michigan University (USA)
Email the Faculty-in-Residence

The role of the Faculty-in-Residence is to support the Commission by connecting its work to the scholarly community and the professional preparation programs around the world. The Faculty in Residence serves as a resource for members of the Commission, and of ACPA more broadly, on global issues in higher education and student affairs/services. The Faculty in Residence is primarily responsible for working with members of the Commission to plan, deliver and evaluate the annual International Colloquium that takes place as a pre-conference workshop during the annual Convention. This event addresses topics related to international perspectives of how student affairs and services supports diverse learners. 

Patty Witkowsky

Faculty-in-Residence Elect

Assistant Professor and SAHE Program Coordinator, Leadership, Research, and Foundations (LRF)
College of Education, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (USA)
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The Past Faculty-in-Residence supports the currennt Faculty in Residence and the Commission by connecting its work to the scholarly community and the professional preparation programs around the world. 

Lauren Murphy

Awards Coordinator

Assistant Director for Residential Education at George Washington University (USA)
Email the Awards Coordinator

The Awards Coordinator provides leadership for the Commission Awards, which acknowledge and celebrate individual and organization contributions to the profession. The Coordinator manages and updates the awards process and eligibility criteria, determines submission deadlines, solicits nominations, and recruits reviewers. The Coordinator notifies award winners and the individuals who nominates them and moderates the awards ceremony at the ACPA Annual Convention. In addition, the Vice Chair works in concert with the Awards Chair on the Convention Planning Team.

Dawn Harris Wooten

Website Coordinator

Associate Director, Membership and Career Center
NAFSA: Association of International Educators 
Pronouns: she/her/hers
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Dawn Harris Wooten has worked in the feilds of International Education and Higher Education for over 14 years. A welcoming and inclusive learning environment that celebrates and respects the unique and diverse attributes of each person is something she believes is the bedrock of supporting a robust campus life and student services operation. Within the knowledge area of student affairs, her professional interests are mentoring, inclusive leadership, innovative thinking, cross-cultural dynamics, and experiential learning. 


Ken Guan

ACPA Video on Demand Coordinator

Assistant Residence Manager, Indiana University Bloomington (USA) 
Doctoral Candidate, Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA)
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The Convention Logistics Coordinator manages the Commission's presence and activities at the ACPA Annual Convention. Working with the Convention Planning Team, the Coordinator submits ancillary space requests for Commission meetings and may assist with logistics and scheduling associated with the International Colloquium. The Coordinator helps publicize Commission-sponsored programs and recruits volunteers to introduce speakers and award certificates of appreciation. The Coordinator organizes Commission efforts at CelebrACPA, including compiling and producing promotional materials, corresponding with CelebrACPA organizers, and recruiting volunteers to represent the Commission during the event.

Chris Dietzel

Global Summit Coordinator

Research Assistant at McGill University (Canada)
Email the Global Summit Coordinator 

The Global Summit Coordinator serves as the Commission's liaison and presence at the Student Leader Global Summit at the ACPA Annual Convention.


Blog Editor




Yuezhong Zheng

Vice-Chair for Sponsored Programs

Student Engagement Coordinator, Global Scholars Programs, University of Michigan (USA)