CGPSA Awards Information

Recognize Those Who Make Graduate Education Richer

We want to recognize and encourage those in our profession who consistently work to make graduate education richer. We know many of you are deserving of recognition for the work you do.  Please take a moment to nominate yourself or someone else who contributed to the broader understanding of graduate student affairs or who served the profession through work with the association on behalf of graduate student affairs. See the descriptions of each award below. Nominate yourself or a colleague for a CGPSA Award.

Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Award

The nominee must be a practicing professional who has worked in the college personnel field or a supporting discipline for at least three years, must be employed in a graduate school or discipline or working directly with graduate students. This award is intended to recognize outstanding scholarship or practices which advance our professional understanding of graduate student affairs.  Nominees must be members of ACPA.

The Lehker Outstanding Service to the Profession Award

The nominee must be a practicing professional (i.e., faculty member, administrator, or staff member) employed at a college or university and a member of ACPA. This award recognizes a professional who served graduate student affairs through their work in the association. This may include, but is not limited, to work with the CGPSA or other leadership branches of the association. Nominees must be members of ACPA.

Outstanding Innovative Program Award

The Outstanding Innovative Program Award honors an innovative program that provides exceptional support to graduate/professional students; represents a new and creative way to support graduate/professional students or achieves outstanding results.  Nominated programs will be evaluated on creativity and the success of the program, as determined by the achievement of the stated program goals.  Programs that should be nominated for this award are any innovative programs that break new boundaries in serving graduate/professional students, achieve outstanding goals, or make a significant positive impact on the quality of the graduate/professional student experience.  This award is especially interested in recognizing innovative programs that improve the success of a diverse and inclusive graduate/professional student population.   While we encourage nominations from ACPA-affiliated institutions, it is not a requirement for award consideration.

CGPSA Award Recipients


Outstanding Innovative Program Award

   Brian Haggerty

    Brian Haggerty
    University at Buffalo

Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship

    Jacqueline Hodes

     Jacqueline Hodes
     West Chester University of Pennsylvania


The Lehker Outstanding Student Advocate Award
Caroline J. Kingston, Esquire
Associate Director for Student Engagement
Michigan State University College of Law


Outstanding Innovative Program Award

The Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) at the University of Michigan was selected because it represents a new and creative way to support graduate/professional students.  AGEP aims to increase the number of underrepresented minority students who complete Ph.D.’s in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), or the social, behavioral and economic sciences (SBES) fields and secure positions in the professoriate.  The AGEP program takes a multifaceted approach to graduate student support and development by:

Creating a community of scholars through the student organized monthly AGEP Fellowship dinners and seminars where informal mentoring and the sharing of research topics through  short  presentations at these events create a sense of belonging and help to equip students with professional development skills.

Creating the Faculty-AGEP Scholars Mentoring Initiative whereby AGEP scholars and their faculty mentors attend a half-day mentoring workshop to enhance skill development and develop mentoring plans for successful degree completion and placement in the career of choice

Co-hosting an annual research symposium to help its students strategically think about and discuss ways that their research has and will have broader impacts on the greater society

Offering  innovative programs such as the Frequent Flyer program where students are rewarded for participating in professional development activities such as mentoring, article submissions, attending AGEP events and conducting research presentations and the mini-grant program which awards funding up to $1,500 per semester for expenses related to research or professional development

Combined these programs make a significant positive impact on the quality of the graduate student experience for underrepresented minorities in the STEM and SBES fields at the University of Michigan.


Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Award

Susan Gardner, Ph.D., University of Maine

The Lehker Outstanding Service to the Profession Award

Teresa Raetz, Ph.D., University of Georgia

The Outstanding Innovative Program Award

Graduate Student Center at Donaldson Brown (GLC) , Virginia Tech University