At the 1977 ACPA Convention in Denver, Colorado, The Commission for Housing and Residential Life decided to become active in recognizing outstanding achievements in residence life work. In a field where praise is often minimal, this activity has met an important need. Since that time, the Commission has presented awards to recognize excellence and outstanding contributions in the field of student housing and residence life.

Past Award Winners

Outstanding New Professional in Residence Life Award Recipients

2013-2014  Siobahn May, University of Delaware

2012-2013 Amberdawn Cheatham University of Delaware

2011-2012 David Tiscione Wheaton College

2010-2011 Rebecca Krylow University of Delaware

2008-2009 Cody Charles University of Kansas

2007-2008 Jason McKean University of Illinois - Chicago

2006-2007 Angel Wilson University of Texas Austin

2005-2006 Lisa Israel Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

2004-2005 Colleen Peterson University of Tampa

2003-2004 Michael Diesner University of Delaware

2002-2003 Johnathan E. Shertzer Iowa State University

2001-2002 Keith Edwards University of Delaware

2000-2001 Jennifer Richardson Ithaca College

1999-2000 Todd Clark Kansas State University

1998-99 Michael Porritt Appalachian State University

1997-98 Kory Vitangeli DePaul University

1996-97 Marie Pollio University of Vermont

1995-96 Teresa Pickarts Western Illinois University

1994-95 John Biernbaum Western Illinois University

1993-94 A. Melissa Fairrel Arizona State University

1992-93 Michel Frendian Occidental College

1991-92 Melissa Wintrow Eastern Michigan University

1990-91  Douglas teDuits Texas Tech University

1989-90 Lisa Rosenburg University of Washington

1988-89 Sybil T. Pressprich  Washington State University

1987-88 Christine Gabele University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1986-87 Steve Erwin University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

1985-86 John E. Johnson University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

1984-85 Eileen Leuby Ohio State University

1983-84 Karen Nissen University of Florida

1982-83  Cathy McHugh University of California-Davis

Outstanding Graduate Student Staff Member Award Recipients

2013-2014 Clarissa Greguska

2012-2013 Gabriel Loredo, Loyola University-Chicago

2011-2012 Nicole Pepin University of Delaware
2010-2011 James Lorello Appalachian State University
2008-2009 Jim Love University of Delaware
2007-2008 Lindsey Nixon Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
2006-2007  Goga Copic University of Delaware

2005-2006 Tiffany Davis Bowling Green State University

2004-2005 Zakia Reaves University of Deleware

2003-2004 Kristen Lynaugh New York University

2002-2003 Samantha Buhr New York University

                   Kristin Wodarski,  New York University

2001-2002 Brandy Kirby North Carolina State University

2000-2001  Efrain Ayala DePaul University

1999-2000  Laura Hattas Colorado State University

1998-1999 Joshua McIntosh Appalachian State University

1997-1998 Rebecca Fletcher Syracuse University

1996-97 Todd Clark  Western Illinois University

1995-96 Cheryl Stanley  Oklahoma State University

1994-95 Kory Vitangeli  Western Illinois University

1993-94 Stephanie Hubbard  Western Illinois University

1992-93 L. Michelle Wood Oklahoma State University

1991-92  Amjad Ayoubi Oklahoma State University

1989-90 Tony Langley North Carolina State University

1988-89 Mary Kay Kasper University of Maine

1987-88 Laurie McLaughlin Northeast Missouri State University

1986-87 David Presti Miami University (Ohio)

1985-86 David K. Gillespie University of Georgia

Outstanding Experienced Professional Award Recipients

2013-2014 Amber Fallucca (4-9 Years)

                  Scott Helfrich (10+ Years) California University of Pennsylvania

2012-2013 Laura Randolph Temple University
2011-2012 Michael Bumbry Temple University
2010-2011 DeMarias O'Banner Southern Methodist University
2008-2009 Cesar Figueroa (10+ years) University of California San Diego

                   Laura Isdell (4-9 years) University of Kansas

2007-2008  Carolyn Golz University of Illinois - Chicago
2006-2007 Scott Gluntz (10+ years) Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
                  Sami Nassim (4-9 years) University of Delaware

2005-2006 Michelle Kane (10+ years) University of Delaware

                  Kathleen Gardner (4-9 years) Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

2004-2005 Sarah Decke (4-9 years) Kansas State University

2003-2004 Matthew Bierman (4-9 years) Western Illinois University

                  Andrew Fink (10+ years) University of South Carolina

2002-2003 Kobi Nathan (4-9 years) Western Illinois University

2001-2002 Jon Shaffer (4-9 years) Ferris State University

                  Sean Duggan (10+ years) Texas Tech University

2000-2001 Kristen Alley Central Missouri State University

1999-2000 Michael Crawford (4-9 years) University of Wisconsin - Osh Kosh

                  Dawn M. Thompson (10+ years) University of Massachusetts - Amherst

1998-99 Christopher Rasmussen (4-9 years) Valparaiso University

              Jerrold Stein (10+ years) SUNY Stony Brook

Outstanding Research Award Recipients

2006-2007 Dr. Becky Verzinski Towson University

2004-2005 Megan Gavin Northern Arizona University

2003-2004 Mimi Benjamin Iowa State University

2001-2002  Terra Peckskamp and Josh McIntosh Syracuse University

2000-2001 Dr. Karen Kurotsuchi-Inkelas University of Michigan

1999-2000 Oscar McKnight Ashland University

1998-99 Christopher B. Thorne Western Illinois University

              Karen L. Harris Western Illinois University

              Jude Kiah Western Illinois University

1996-97 John Foubert University of Maryland-College Park

1995-96 Andrea Trinklein Western Illinois University

              Jeff Janz University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

1991-92 Susan R. Komives, Ph.D. University of Maryland-College Park

1989-90 Gary "Greg" L. Dickson Washington State University

               Timothy McMahon University of Iowa

1988-89 Steven Janosik Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

1987-88 Carolyn Palmer  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1986-87 Jane Moen University of Northern Iowa

1985-86 Dr. Michael Waldo University of Maryland-College Park

1984-85 Dr. Gary Dickson Suomi College

1983-84 John Schuh Indiana University

              George Kuh Indiana University

1982-83 John Schuh Indiana University

1981-82 Gary Dickson Andrews University

1980-81 David Kalsbeek Mercer University

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Staff Member Award Recipients

2013-2014 Amanda Mouser

2012-2013 Lucia Sanchez University of Idaho

2011-2012 Rachel Kline University of Delaware

2010-2011 Nicole Aizaga University of Delaware

2008-2009 Siobhan May  University of Delaware

2007-2008 Miranda Ambuske University of Illinois - Chicago
2006-2007 Kyle Anderson University at Buffalo

2005-2006 Katherine Avra Kansas State University

2004-2005 Cassie Luke Kansas State University

2003-2004 Brett Matulis University of Delaware

2002-2003 Edmund Short College of Charleston

2001-2002 Jennifer Frost University of Delaware

2000-2001 Hiroaki Tongu Western Illinois University

1999-2000 Nick Lander Kansas State University

1998-99 Kamala Kiem Florida International University

1997-98 George P. Holman Western Illinois University

1996-97 Jill Edwards University of Missouri, Columbia

1995-96 Junichi Semitsu University of California at Berkeley

1994-95 Shannon Telford Horn Southwest Missouri State University

1993-94 Michael Jeffries Occidental College

1992-93 Rosario Gutierrez Occidental College

1991-92 Tristina Gridiron University of California at Berkeley

1990-91 Becky Pattison University of South Dakota

1989-90 Jori M. Burroughs Michigan State University

1988-89 Amy K. Malaska Bowling Green State University

1987-88 Patty Sepnafski University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

1986-87 Mary Beth Hopkins University of Delaware

1985-86 Jodi B. Green University of Massachusetts-Amherst

1984-85 Kathy Jo Cleveland Bowling Green State University

1983-84 Karen McGrath University of Vermont

1982-83 Franklin Gray North Carolina State University

1981-82 Gregory Epperson California State University

1980-81 Nancy Thompson University of Georgia

              Margaret Potapchuk Bowling Green State University


Outstanding Service to the Commission for Housing and Residential Life Award Recipients (Commission III)

2013-2014 Troy Seppelt, Colorado Mesa University

2009-2010 Amy Franklin-Craft, Michigan State Unviersity

2005-2006 Harry Knabe The George Washington University

2004-2005  Derek Jackson  Kansas State University

2001-2002 Mariana Lebron Syracuse University

2000-2001  Ron Thompson Marquette University

1999-2000 Matthew Phillips Texas A&M University

1998-99 Karen Dlhosh Florida International University

1997-98  John Fox University of Arizona

1996-97 Jodi Lamdbin University of Akron

1995-96 Countess Hughes University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

1993-94 Connie Foley Kent State University

1991-92 Valerie Averill Mankato State University

1990-91 Michael Segawa University of Washington

1989-90 Bud Beatty Dartmouth College

1988-89 Joe Rei Washington State University

1987-88 Chuck Werring Texas Tech University

1985-86 Jill E. Carnaghi Indiana University

1984-85 Kathy MacKay Mills College

1983-84 Patricia Kearney University of California-Davis

1982-83 Fred Leafgren University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

1981-82 Stephen Peterson Central Missouri State University

1980-81 Meredith Strohm Virginia Commonwealth University


Excellence in Service Award Recipients

2013-2014 Greg Johnson

2012-2013 Matt Shedden Endicott College

2011-2012 Erin Chapman University of Idaho

2010-2011 Mark Mankin University of Delaware
2008-2009 Mike Nicols University of Delaware
2006-2007 Linda Ellis Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

2005-2006 Marlene Kunze Dolan Kansas State University

Outstanding Use of Technology Award Recipients

2006-2007 On-Line Self Check-In Process The George Washington University

2005-2006 Portal Based Student Leadership Application De Paul University

Outstanding Innovation in Residence Life Award Recipients

2013-2014 Neighborhood Engagement Team, University of Delaware

2012-2013 Talent Based Engagement Cycle University of Delaware

2011-2012 Chinese Outreach Team Michigan State University

2010-2011 Diversity Action Team Southern Methodist University
2009-2010 Unity Group Michigan State University
2008-2009 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
2006-2007 House Life Curriculum The George Washington University

2005-2006 Sophomore Year Experience University of Central Arkansas


Outstanding Residence Hall Program Award Recipients

2004-2005 Team Chaos University of Tampa

2004-2005 Practicing Inclusion Programming Series - Long Term University of California at Berkley

2003-2004 Multicultural Leadership Retreat - Long Term Program University of Delaware

                  Why do you hate France? - Short Term Program  University of Delaware

2002-2003 SAD Week - Long Term Program Western Illinois University

2001-2002 Safe Spring Break Carnival - Short Term Program College of Charleston

                  Soap for Hope - Long Term Program University of Delaware

2000-2001 It's a Lock-In - Short-Term Program Florida International University

                  Women's Week - Long-Term Program Western Illinois University

1999-2000 A Day of Silence - Short-Term Program University of Delaware

                  Leaders in Residence - Long-Term Program Bowling Green State University

1998-99  Black History Alive - Short-Term Program  Bucknell University

                PEACE Anger Management Workshop - Long-Term Program SUNY Stony Brook

1997-98 These Hands Weren't Made for Hurting Binghamton University

1996-97 Community Contracts University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

1995-96 Box City Western Illinois University

1994-95 Tunnel of Oppression Western Illinois University

1993-94  F.Y.I. (First Year Introductions) Ithaca College

1992-93 Ithaca College CD (Cultural Diversity) Players Theatre Troupe Ithaca College

1991-92 Bisexuals, Lesbians, Gays, Oh My University of California-Berkeley

1990-91 D.A.R.E.-Diversity: Acceptance and Recognition Everywhere East Stroudsburg University

1989-90 African American Awareness Month: Celebration through Education University of Maryland-College Park

1988-89 S.W.E.A.R.-Sexuality Week: Education, Awareness, Relationships University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

1987-88 Freshmen Advantage Program Wichita State University

1986-87 Foster International Living Learning Center Indiana University

1985-86 Student Leadership Assessment Center  University of California-Davis

1984-85 John Johnson and Dean Bresciani Bowling Green State University

1983-84 Spirit Semester University of Maryland-College Park

1982-83 Joe Austin and Bill Toole University of Maine-Orono

1981-82 Thomas J. Hennessy Indiana University

1980-81 Ralph Rickgarn University of Minnesota-Minneapolis

S.A.L.T. Award

2008-2209 Inter-Residence Hall Council of New York University New York University

2007-2008 Keenan Mahoney and Casey Miskowski “Seasoned Leaders: One Pinch at a Time” Florida State University

Excellence in Sustainability - Individual

2013-2014 Tonie Miyamotio

2012-2013 Rebecca Krylow University of Delaware

2011-2012 Cori Cusker Northern Arizona University

2007-2008 Yvonne Macon University of California San Diego

Excellence in Sustainability - Program Award

2013-2014 Katie Morrison, University of Delaware