Directorate Elections

ACPA Commission for Professional Preparation is looking for nominations (self and other) for their Directorate Board. Nominations (name and contact information) are due no later than November 5, 2018 to Natasha Croom (

Who We Are

The Commission for Professional Preparation is committed to the recruitment, preparation, and continuing education of student affairs professionals.  Members of the commission work closely with the nation's graduate preparation programs, particularly through student affairs teaching faculty (and those preparing for this role) examining the recruitment of new professionals and recommendations for curriculum improvement.

What We Do

Being on the directorate is a great way to serve the profession, represent the interests and concerns of those involved in professional preparation, and strengthen professional networks!  Directorate members will serve a three-year term from 2019-2022 (commencing with the Boston convention and ending after the 2022 convention).  Serving on the directorate requires participation in directorate meetings at the annual convention during the term in addition to involvement in one or more commission related projects.

We Need You!

We strive to elect a diverse directorate and welcome nominations of colleagues in addition to self-nominations. Eligibility requirements are twofold. First, candidates must be members of ACPA.  Second, candidates may not be members of the directorate of any other commission or coalition or in a significant role within the association that would prevent participation in the commission meeting on Sunday, March 3, 2019 at the convention.

If interested, please submit nominations (self-nominations are encouraged) to Natasha Croom ( and nominees will receive a biographical information form which will be posted to our website after completion.  Please confirm the willingness of candidates to serve prior to submitting nominations. Self-nominations are also welcome.  Elections will run through ACPA in late November/early December and you will receive additional information regarding voting in a future email.

Contact Natasha Croom, Elections Coordinator (


Karen Haley, CPP Chair ( with any questions.