Every year, the CRA uses our annual awards as a way to recognize and appreciate the exemplary work in the field of recreation and athletics. Below are the names of individuals who are excited to recognize for the hard work and dedication in the field of Recreation and Athletics. 


Distinguished Scholar: The purpose of this award is to recognize a member of the CRA for their scholarly contributions to the advancement of intercollegiate athletics or campus recreation. Candidates must be a current member in good standing of ACPA and the CRA and register to attend the 2018 ACPA National Convention. Individuals may self-nominate for the award or be nominated by another member of the CRA. In addition to the online nomination form, a current resume or CV and brief summary of their work not to exceed 2 double-spaced pages should be submitted for review. The award recipient will be asked to provide an edited version of their work for publication in the CRA newsletter prior to the convention.

  • Previous Awardees:
    • 2012 - Lawrence Mrozek, Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas
    • 2013 - Kristina Navarro, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
    • 2014 - Scott Hirko, Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University


Outstanding Contribution: The ACPA Commission for Recreation and Athletics is accepting nominees for the CRA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Recreation and Athletics. The purpose of this award is to honor a member of the community for their contributions and commitment to student learning and development in campus recreation and/or intercollegiate athletics. Nominees do not have to be members of ACPA or the CRA for consideration.

  • Previous Awardees:
    • 2012 - Jim Pignataro, Associate Athletic Director, Michigan State University
    • 2013 - Jennifer Hoffman, Asssistant Professor, Center for Leadership in Athletics, University of Washington
    • 2014 - Stacy Hall, Director of Campus Recreation, University of New Hampshire
    • 2018 - James Archibald, Associate Professor, Valdosta State University


Graduate Student/New Professional Travel Award: The purpose of this award is to assist a new professional with the cost of attending the 2018 ACPA National Convention in Houston while supporting them in the engagement of the activities of the CRA. The recipient of this grant will receive a $150 stipend to help off-set the costs of their convention registration fees, hotel accommodations, or travel expenses. To be eligible for the grant, applicants must be a current member in good standing of ACPA and the CRA. Applicants must have no more than 4 years of post-collegiate professional experience in intercollegiate athletics or campus recreation excluding part-time employment or graduate assistantships.

  • ​​Previous Awardees:
    • 2012 - Melanie Warren, Graduate Student, Canisius College
    • 2013 - Casey Stark, Graduate Student, Bowling Green State University
    • 2014 - Molly McInerney, Undergraduate Student, University of West Georgia 
    • 2018 - Catherine Thompson, University of Louisville

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Malvaso stephen.malvaso@gmail.com