2006 Recipients

Outstanding Social Justice Collaboration:
This award recognizes outstanding collaborative efforts between campus and community groups/offices/organizations, or committees/commissions of ACPA and/or other national associations. This award recognizes creative initiative taking in a collaborative partnership that addresses an issue of social justice on their campus or in their community, in a progressive and positive manner.

Social Justice Retreat, The University of Minnesota

Innovative Response, Social Justice:
This award recognizes innovative educational, developmental or social action response to an issue of social justice on campus, and/or in the community at a local and global level. This award is intended to recognize recent events which have been implemented within the 12 months prior to convention (usually April-March).

Stop Hate March, University of Delaware

Outstanding Social Justice Educator, Trainer, or Mentor:
This award recognizes an individual who is personally committed to social justice education and/or activism and is an outstanding educator, trainer or mentor to other professionals or students in the area of social activism. This award is different than the Voices of Inclusion Medallion which is given by the larger umbrella of ACPA and recognizes folks who have shown leadership over five years on broader initiatives of diversity and multiculturalism on their campuses.

Craig Almo, University of Maryland