2008 Recipients

Outstanding Social Justice Collaboration:
This award recognizes outstanding collaborative efforts between campus and community groups/offices/organizations, or committees/commissions of ACPA and/or other national associations. This award recognizes creative initiative taking in a collaborative partnership that addresses an issue of social justice on their campus or in their community, in a progressive and positive manner.

Ryan C. Holmes
LaSalle University

Ryan C. Holmes, Director of Off-Campus Communities at LaSalle University was recognized with the Outstanding Social Justice Collaboration Award for his progressive and positive initiative to bridge two communities together that were vital for the success of the University and town. LaSalle University is a predominately white institution located in the heart of a predominately African American community, both entities at times suffered from miscommunication and misunderstanding. Therefore, Mr. Holmes work diligently and endlessly with the University faculty, the Provost’s offi ce, students, and community agencies to respond to this urban-university problem that was disconnecting the overall community. To fi nd a healthy solution to this dilemma, Mr. Holmes’s collaboration created a structure dialogue initiative series where faculty, students, and community residents engaged in challenging conversations that exposed the concerns of both communities and promoted short and long term resolutions. Mr. Holmes’ efforts and partnerships continue to strengthen the relationship between both communities.

Commitment to Social Justice Education:
This award honors a department, campus, ACPA committee or commission that has shown a commitment to social justice education and development, training, or programming.

The Elon Academy
Elon University

The Elon Academy is a college preparatory academic enrichment program out of Elon University in North Carolina. This academy, received the Commitment to Social Justice Education Award for their extensive and on-going work with under-represented and under-prepared high school students and their families. As a tool to combat some of the injustices in our society, the Elon Academy empowers and educates around the concepts of community and educational equity. This program provides its participants and their families with tools and knowledge that create support systems and academic avenues of success. The Elon Academy has gone above and beyond the social justice call by “leveling the playing field” for all students, while addressing the achievement gap that still exists today.

Innovative Response, Social Justice:
This award recognizes innovative educational, developmental or social action response to an issue of social justice on campus, and/or in the community at a local and global level. This award is intended to recognize recent events which have been implemented within the 12 months prior to convention (usually April-March).

Campus Pride

Campus Pride, a national non-profi t organization that works endlessly to build future LGBT and ally student leaders and campus groups, as well as safer, more LGBTfriendly college and universities. For their on-going and effi cient response to the increasing demand for tools and resources to support campuses in assessing LGBTFriendly policies, programs and practices, Campus Pride received the Innovative Response, Social Justice Award for their innovative and progressive online educational initiative launched in September 2007 entitled the LGBTFriendly Campus Climate Index. This initiative is the only resource of its kind has grown from 30 colleges and universities to over 140 campuses to date. The LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index is changing the future of LGBT campus life and allows campuses to recruit what has been often an “invisible minority” and fulfi ll the educational goal that “every student has the right to a safe learning environment where they can learn, live and grow academically and socially.”

Outstanding Social Justice Educator, Trainer, or Mentor:
This award recognizes an individual who is personally committed to social justice education and/or activism and is an outstanding educator, trainer or mentor to other professionals or students in the area of social activism. This award is different than the Voices of Inclusion Medallion which is given by the larger umbrella of ACPA and recognizes folks who have shown leadership over five years on broader initiatives of diversity and multiculturalism on their campuses.

Bernie Liang
University of Washington, Tacoma

Bernie Liang, Resource Specialist at the University of Washington Tacoma, received the Outstanding Social Justice Teacher, Trainer, or Mentor Award due to his countless service, teaching and mentoring around issues of diversity and social justice. Every year, many organizations off and on-campus has reached out to Mr. Liang to empower and educate the student/staff body on multicultural issues, awareness, and competence. Mr. Liang advises several multicultural organizations on campus, and most importantly spear-headed the development of a 60 members group recognized as the “Concerned Students for Social Justice”. His hard work, limitless energy, and willingness has open doors for impactful collaboration nationally. Mr. Liang has collaborated with Willamette University, Oregon State University, ACPA/ NASPA and many other change agents (individuals and Institutions). In addition, Mr. Liang has extended his educator role through his written work. Currently, he has authored a chapter in upcoming book title Colors of the Rainbow: LGBT Folks of Color in the Academy. Mr. Liang is one of those individuals that leave a social justice footprint wherever he goes.