2012 Recipients

Outstanding Social Justice Collaboration:
This award recognizes outstanding collaborative efforts between campus and community groups/offices/organizations, or committees/commissions of ACPA and/or other national associations. This award recognizes creative initiative taking in a collaborative partnership that addresses an issue of social justice on their campus or in their community, in a progressive and positive manner.

Anthony "Tony" Jakubisin, University of California, San Diego
"Through Tony’s vision, Tony single-handedly brought together the entire Residential Life staffs on campus along with recruiting over 40 UCSD staff to serve as small group external facilitators that worked in departments from CSI, CAPS, Career Center, HDH, International Center, IRPS, OPHD, School of Engineering, TRIO, University Registrar as well as college staff representing all six colleges to participate in this Fall’s 2011 All Campus RA Equity Minded Training program.  In addition to recruiting these individuals, Tony not only created a staff facilitator manual for the All Campus Equity Minded Training, but he also created a student manual that folks were able to walk away with and use as a resource for the remainder of the 11-12 academic year. On top of all this, Tony also went as far as to coordinate a small group of trainers to develop, establish, and execute an inclusive curriculum that embodied our campus’ Principles of Community...

In addition to this, for the past four years, Tony distinguished himself as a strong and vocal leader on issues of assessment, multiculturalism, and student judicial affairs on our campus.  A great example of Tony’s commitment to student excellence around the topic of student conduct and legal issues is his work with the university’s Student Affairs Assessment Coalition Steering Committee and the Residential College’s Committee to Review (RCCR) our current policies and procedures on student conduct.  As the chair of the RCCR group, Tony not only served as chair of the organization, but he also generated the initial momentum to have the Division of Student Affairs on our campus to review the current Judicial Policies and Practice we have in place by using a grounded theoretical framework to make our policies and sanctioning process developmental and restorative in nature.  Through Tony’s hard work in this area, we were able to re-think the manner in which we currently handle student conduct on our campus, and have also helped the Division of Student Affairs and each respective Residential College at UCSD to align our current practices through other national student conduct models of best practice."

Past Winners
2006 - Social Justice Retreat, The University of Minnesota
2007 - World AIDS Day Observance, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
2008 - Ryan C. Holmes, LaSalle University
2009 - No Award
2010 - SEED (Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity) Program, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2011 - Growing Allies, The University of Michigan

Exemplary Social Justice Contribution by a Graduate Student:
This award honors a full-time graduate student that has demonstrated leadership and activism in the area of social justice on campus; and has role modeled the qualities of a positive change agent in their community.

Three Recipients for 2012
The Womyn of Colour Network, Iowa State University
The Womyn of Colour Network is a group that was designed by PhD students at Iowa State University for other undergraduate and graduate womyn of colour on campus. The group is the first designed for and by womyn of colour. There were very few opportunities for womyn of colour to find culturally sensitive and relevant leadership training, wo- mentorship and connections to other womyn of colour, so 5 students came together and wrote a Women's Enrichment grant. They received half of the funding they asked for; thus, have planned and facilitated their own womyn of colour retreat, have a day of service planned for the spring where college womyn of colour complete a service project with high school and middle school girls of colour, have organized a community speaker that focuses on internalized racism and self empowerment as well as smaller events such as welcome back socials and information booths, educational movie nights, graduate school panels, and more. This group grew out of a frustration of how essentialized and sometimes hostile womyn's programming was on campus and a need to do more to retain healthy, happy and whole womyn of colour. This is not a student club, but a real grassroots effort by a group of domestic and internationally diverse womyn of colour making a difference on their campus and helping other womyn of colour find their voice and play in the academy.
Jennifer M. Garza, University of California, San Diego
"Jenny is a bright, thoughtful, dedicated, and passionate individual who has excelled at not only being an advocate for underrepresented students on the UCSD campus, but was also committed to providing equal access to study abroad opportunities for these students. What made Jenny’s work unique is that Jenny became one out of a handful of student affairs professionals within the Division of Student Affairs at UCSD – who did not work at any Campus Community Centers - to be trained to address issues affecting transgendered students as well as identifying resources to assist them to in their transition in living on campus as well as identifying resources of support for these students to be able to study abroad.
In taken on the role of being the liaison to the Campus Community Centers on campus, Jenny was single handedly instrumental in developing diversity related workshops and trainings for the International Center staff to challenge her colleagues to rethink their beliefs about language and culture in a way that moved members of the International Center staff into action.  Jenny is a truly informed individual that based her advocacy for positions on the careful weighing of evidence and multiple perspectives.  What most impressed me most about Jenny was her ability to articulate and stand by her convictions as well as understand the importance of compromise for a greater good."
Parker Hurley, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Parker is the Coordinator of Mentoring Ourselves Raising Each other (MORE), a mentoring collective for LGBT students, faculty, and staff and their allies at UNCG. The vision of MORE is one of intergenerational community building in a more democratic, less hierarchical setting than traditional “mentor-mentee” relationships with the goal of cultivating leadership and culturally specific characteristics of resiliency as well as working towards personal and professional growth as individuals.  MORE seeks to meet the needs of the 14% of UNCG students who identify as LGBTQQ.  Parker has been active in educating the UNCG campus community about LGBTQ issues, presenting at our SafeZone brown bag lunch and as a guest speaker in class. In addition, Parker is working with the UNCG Alumni Association to create an LGBTQ subcommittee.

Parker's work has extended beyond our campus to other campuses as well. He is organizing a Transgender/Gender-Non-Conformint support group that will bring together students from UNCG with students from near-by Guilford College. In addition, he has presented at other campuses and at local, regional, and national conferences on LGBTQ issues.

Past Winners
2010 - Jordan West & Edward Smith, The Pennsylvania State University
2011 - Krystal Dains, Kent State University

Innovative Response, Social Justice:
This award recognizes innovative educational, developmental or social action response to an issue of social justice on campus, and/or in the community at a local and global level. This award is intended to recognize recent events which have been implemented within the 12 months prior to convention (usually April-March).

Ohio U STARS, Ohio University
"There has been a history of really, crappy, offensive "theme parties" that happen on so very many campuses...I believe the "We're a Culture, Not a Costume" campaign was so very well times prior to halloween, but also addressing (in my humble opinion) a shout out to campuses about theme based parties in general. The STARS campaign, using social marketing techniques, has gone viral on the internet.  I know that our campus has been trying to get some money together to be able to use these posters...or at least it has inspired us to think about similar campaigns."


Past Winners
2006 - Stop Hate March, University of Delaware
2007 - No Award
2008 - Campus Pride
2009 - No Award
2010 - No Award
2011 - Dawn Snyder, Victor Santana-Melgoza, and Willie Morgan, Oregon State University

Outstanding Social Justice Educator, Trainer, or Mentor:
This award recognizes an individual who is personally committed to social justice education and/or activism and is an outstanding educator, trainer or mentor to other professionals or students in the area of social activism. This award is different than the Voices of Inclusion Medallion which is given by the larger umbrella of ACPA and recognizes folks who have shown leadership over five years on broader initiatives of diversity and multiculturalism on their campuses.

Arian Bryant, Rutgers University
(Edited from several nominations)
"Arian strives to promote equality, justice, and ethics in his every action. Arian does revolutionary work as a Resident Life Coordinator and his passion shows through by his devoted involvement in Promoting Residential Inclusion & Developing Equity (P.R.I.D.E.). Arian keeps me motivated, hopeful, yet realistic by sending me educational pieces, links, and information that pertain to my interests as an Asian American, growing up with traditional roots in an American society.
Arian is a mentor and a friend, whom has given me great advice on how to deal with challenges in my life, including financial, personal relations, and discriminatory. He is wise, yet blunt, teaching me from his knowledge and experiences..."

"Mr. Bryant has had a lasting impact on the campus community through his work over the last four years. He has pushed for change on the local level and inspired the youth. My personal experiences with him have made me feel like I was a peer in the receiving and delivering the message of equality and diversity. The plain language and real world perspective that Mr. Bryant frames his message in epitomizes social justice. Too often a message is lost in translation but Mr. Bryant knows his audience and has created expectations for his community that are understood by those choosing to live within that community. There has been significant change in the level of respect and understanding in the areas that are under Mr. Bryant’s supervision. Even with the turnover in residents each year, the message remains the same year in and year out. This will be Mr. Bryant’s legacy: an attitude of respect and understanding that transcends age, class, race and religion among college aged students."

Past Winners
2006 - Craig Almo, University of Maryland
2007 - Penny Rice, Iowa State University
2008 - Bernie Liang, University of Washington, Tacoma
2009 - Hind Mari, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2010 - David E. Jones, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
2011 - Kris Bergbom, Assistant Director of Student Programs, Mount Holyoke College

Commitment to Social Justice Education:
This award honors a department, campus, ACPA committee or commission that has shown a commitment to social justice education and development, training, or programming.

SIU's Social Justice Leadership Institute, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
The Social Justice Leadership Institute at SIU is a collaborative effort among a variety of departments across campus dedicated to engaging students in identifying social justice issues and building the skills necessary to implement action to redress those issues.  Participants within this initiative impact the local community by applying social justice theories to their every day lives.  This year a new element of the Institute was implemented to have participants create an Action Plan to identify and address a social justice issue within the community and/or on campus.  This allows participants to leave their legacy on campus. Without the support of those within Student Involvement and Leadership Development at SIU, this need for social justice would not be met and those involved would not be receive an experience that generates original thought, purpose and values that enhances the college experience and benefits students as an individual.

Past Winners
2007 - Division of Student and Campus Life - The University of Vermont
2008 - The Elon Academy - Elon University
2009 - Samanta Lopez - University of Delaware

Commitment to the Commission (awarded bi-annually):

Past Winners
2007 - Susan Stuart, Queensborough Community College
2009 - Keith Edwards, Macalester College
2011 - Stephani Bondi, Iowa State University