2015 CSFRM Elections

We are currently seeking nominations for FOUR directorate positions and ONE chair elect position. 

Mission and Vision Statement
The ACPA Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion, & Meaning (CSFRM) will provide ACPA members an arena within which to conduct research and assessment, strengthen their professional competencies, and enrich their self-knowledge and professional knowledge about issues related to meaning-making, specifically spirituality, faith, religion, belief, and existentialism within the context of higher education. In addition, acting within the ACPA governance structure and with the ACPA International Office, CSFRM will assist in positioning ACPA to be an informed voice on existential pursuits of meaning-making, including spirituality, faith, religion, and belief as they relate to student development, the administration of student affairs, and the organization of governance structures within a college, community college, or university setting. These efforts will include examining various modes of pursuing meaning-making in the contextual experience of both the U.S. and the global higher education community (Adopted by the CSFRM Directorate Body, October 2009).

Areas of Focus
The CSFRM serves ACPA and higher education at large in the areas of research, professional practice, and service to the field. For example, the CSFRM debuted online resources guide to serve as a collection of current and topical resources available (http://csfrmannotatedbibliography.blogspot.com). It also completed a membership survey to learn more about how member’s religious and non-religious worldviews shape their engagement with ACPA. The Commission is looking to continue to grow its collaborations with other ACPA/external entities to continue to increase knowledge in this area and to serve as a repository of information.

Chair-Elect and Directorate Qualifications and Responsibilities
In order to be eligible for election to the Directorate, individuals are only required to be members of ACPA in good standing and identified as active members of CSFRM.  Terms for Directorate members shall be for three years in length, except for the Chair, who serves a total of four years (one year as chair elect, two years as chair, and one year as past chair). Directorate members will be elected by vote of the members of the CSFRM every fall. Notification of all elections/ appointments will be made to the commission membership online, through a newsletter, electronic list mailing, or other form of communication.

Per ACPA guidelines, Directorate members may not serve on any other Commission Directorate during the three-year term of office. Attendance at the annual convention is strongly encouraged, as it is the only face-to-face meeting time for the Directorate. Directorate members are expected to work with another Directorate member on a team project. Directorate members are expected to take part in discussions via email, telephone, and other forms of communication.

The Chair-Elect will serve in that role for one year before assuming the role of Chair. Attendance at the annual convention is required in the chair role, as is attendance at the ACPA July Leadership Meeting.

Elections Timeline
• Now-October 23: Nominations Open; Applications Due October 23 to Jenny Small and Joe Pritchett using this form. 

• October 23-October 30th: Review nominations, slate candidates, and submit information to ACPA International Office.

• November 13 - December 4th: Elections held on ACPA website, as designated by ACPA Governing Board.

• Early January: Candidates/Commission notified of elections results.

Please note that answers to the following questions will be combined into your candidate biography and shared with the voting members of the CSFRM via our website. If you have any questions regarding nominations, please contact Joe Pritchett at jepritch@udel.edu or by phone at 302-831-2023. 

To apply for a position, please follow this link: http://goo.gl/forms/Is2hONf8gi

Interested in nominating someone else? You can do so here: http://goo.gl/forms/8EXwhDrSyw