Nominate yourself or a colleague for the CSI Leadership Team!

Becoming a member of our Commission for Student Involvement (CSI) Leadership Team could be your opportunity to become more connected, strengthen yourself professionally, and become engaged with a vibrant and passionate group of leaders. Below is more information about the Elections timeline for the 2018-2019 Leadership Team.

Check out our 2019-2020 CSI Leadership Elections Packet.

Check below to see biographies of all of the CSI 2019-2020 candidates. Voting will begin on December 7th.

Meredith Eileen Keating - Chair Elect for the Commission
I am interested in being the Chair-Elect for the Commission for Student Involvement. The CSI does great work for student activities and involvement professionals, and I feel ready to help lead the Commission in furthering its mission to “create an engaged and supportive community of Student Affairs professionals committed to providing meaningful co-curricular and curricular experiences for today's college student.” As a member of CSI, I have volunteered with the Community Service/Service-Learning committee, served as the Vice-Chair for Programs, and am currently serving as the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Chair. My favorite part of involvement in the CSI has not only been hosting and promoting programs for the Commission, but it has become taking part in conversations about ACPA as an organization and CSI as a part of that organization. I have an intimate knowledge of the CSI and am always looking to increase offerings, activate members, and connect to the larger goals and direction of ACPA.
Brittany Lynn Martin - Vice Chair for the Commission
I have been a part of CSI for two years and believe that I'm finally making some headway. I'm hoping to volunteer with this team for one more year and then allow somebody else's expertise in this position and either move up or move on.
Andrew Farrell Haggerty - Chief of Staff for the Commission
I currently serve as the Chief of Staff for the Commission, and would love to continue serving in this role. I have deeply appreciated the past two years on the CSI Leadership Team, and believe that my experience sets me up well to continue supporting the work of the Commission while also supporting my own professional development. In the Chief of Staff role I hope to continue supporting the logistical and organizational work of the Commission to ensure that the rest of the Leadership Team has seamless experiences facilitating their programming and advancing the mission of the CSI in their roles.
James William Silay - Vice Chair for Membership
Over the past two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to support CSI and its members. As a one-year volunteer and current leadership team member, I have come to appreciate the breadth of work that the commission does for and with its members. Particularly, as the current Vice Chair for Programs I believe that we have done a significant amount of programming throughout the year and I want to help push the commission to think outside of the box and find ways to truly engage the commission and organization. Throughout my time in higher education I have prioritized professional development and making connections and I feel the Vice Chair for Membership is the best place to continue doing that and help our members as well. 
Jen Lombardo - Vice Chair for Finance and Development
I have greatly enjoyed serving on the Leadership Team this past year. CSI has allowed me to reconnect to the Student Affairs field after being removed from it for five years, building connections with wonderful individuals while serving you all with my accounting and budgeting skills. I think I have so much more to learn, and I believe I can contribute more to the team next year given that I now have a grasp on ACPA's financial system and CSI's financial priorities. 
Tifaney Millwood - Vice Chair for Communications
Since I walked into the CSI interest meeting during my first ACPA conference in Montreal I knew I wanted to get involved within the commission. I did exactly that. I currently serve as the Vice Chair for Communications. I would like to continue in this role because I feel that it has so much more room for growth and I would like to see some of the growth through. Serving on the Leadership Team has helped to broaden my knowledge as a Student Affairs professional as well as helped me make connections with other professionals across the country. In continuing to serve on the leadership team I hope to be able to not only learn more, but spread the knowledge and get even more people plugged in to the resources that CSI has!
Andreas Armenis - Vice Chair for Programs
It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this application of candidacy for the Vice Chair for Programs for ACPA Commission of Student Involvement. Since joining ACPA I have been looking for more ways to get connected with fellow practitioners in this professional organization and serve in any capacity I can for the advancement of our students and our practice. When I saw the Vice Chair for Programs role, I immediately saw an opportunity where my passion and area of expertise along with the mission and core values of this commission will collide. The efforts of this commission are directed at understanding our student and their collegiate advancement with the support of co-curricular programming and engagement. This accompanied with ACPA’s acknowledgment that social justice is not just a functional area that is mutually exclusive to our work, but in fact, a critical component of each of our work, day in and day out, opportunity to explore this position.
Traci Justine Wiess - Student Organizations & Activities Chair
I am excited about the opportunity to further contribute to and learn from professionals in student involvement through serving on the CSI leadership team. Serving as the Student Organization & Activities co-chair would enable me to utilize the skills and projects I am working on as the Assistant Director for Student Organizations & Advisor Development at University of Cincinnati at a broader scope, as well as dive deeper into this functional  area. I am interested in exploring and implementing best practices around advisor development, self/peer/shared governance, and risk management. 

The link to voting will be posted as soon as it is available.



As a Commission, we could not accomplish our purpose without our Leadership Team and volunteers. Serving on the CSI Leadership Team is a wonderful way for current members to lead initiatives intended to advance the Commission, ACPA, and the student affairs field as a whole. Though leadership positions differ, each supports initiatives of the Commission through day-to-day programming and/or operational roles. Additionally, each position gives the opportunity to interact with professionals from a variety of institutions across the country and world.



The roles and responsibilities of each position on the CSI Leadership Team are unique, as is the approximate time commitment for each elected position. The Working Descriptions found in our elections packet are the best way to understand what each position does, along with time commitments, skill sets, and "A Week in the Life."

In addition, below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the CSI Leadership Team.

If you have questions outside of our FAQ about CSI Leadership or the elections processes, please do not hesitate to contact Vice Chair Brandon Kurzweg or CSI Election Coordinator Danielle Ader.



  • Monday, November 12 at 12 pm EST: CSI Leadership Applications Open

  • Monday, November 26 at 11:59 pm EST: CSI Leadership Applications Close

  • November 27-30, 2018: CSI Outreach to Leadership Candidates

  • December 7, 2018: CSI Leadership Elections Open (via ACPA)

  • December 14, 2018: CSI Elections Close (via ACPA)

  • January 5, 2019: CSI Calls to Inform/Notify New Leadership

  • January-March 2019: CSI New Leadership Orientation

  • January 2019 (Date TBA): CSI New Leadership Webinar
  • March-May 2019: CSI New Leadership On Boarding

  • March 3-6, 2019: ACPA Annual Convention in Boston, Massachusetts

  • May 15, 2019: New Leadership Team Transitioned

  • July 2018 (Dates TBA): CSI Leadership Advance (Location TBA)

*Dates and times are subject to change.