The Mission of CSI

The Commission for Student Involvement strives to create an engaged and supportive community of Student Affairs professionals committed to providing meaningful co-curricular and curricular experiences for today's college student. Efforts of the Commission are directed toward a deeper understanding of the students, their characteristics, purposes, attitudes, behavior, mores, campus activities, and community life as a basis for more effective planning of relevant programs for students. A major emphasis of the Commission’s work is on the integration of out of class activities of students on the campus and in the larger community with the formal academic curriculum. By providing access to unique resources as well as additional networking, recognition and professional development opportunities, CSI enhances the knowledge and practice of educators working in the areas of Fraternity/Sorority Life, Leadership Development, Student Organizations & Activities, and Community Service & Service-Learning.

Core Values

  • Education and development of the total student.
  • Diversity, multicultural competence, and human dignity.
  • Inclusiveness in and access to association-wide involvement and decision-making.
  • Free and open exchange of ideas in a context of mutual respect.
  • Advancement and dissemination of knowledge relevant to college students and their learning, and the effectiveness of student affairs professionals and their institutions.
  • Continuous professional development and personal growth of student affairs professionals.
  • ​Outreach and advocacy on issues of concern to students, student affairs professionals, and the higher education community, including affirmative action and other policy issues.

Overarching Goals

  • Active Learning
  • Education
  • Research
  • Advocacy