Tracey Walterbusch

Chair | 937-478-9762

Current Position: Graduate Advisor for Major Campus Events Committee, The Ohio State University.

Degrees: Ph.D. Ohio State University in Education and Human Ecology (Current Student); M.Ed. University of Louisville in Counseling and Educational Psychology; B.S. Ohio State University in Economics

Experience: Tracey began her professional career as a Graduate Assistant for Career Development at the University of Louisville. While a graduate student, she also served as a Graduate Assistant for Off Campus Student Services and the Student Activities Board at the University of Louisville. She did an internship with the Association of College and University Housing Officers at Southwestern Oregon Community College before starting her first professional position as the Residential Life Coordinator for Smith Hall at Ohio Wesleyan University. While at Ohio Wesleyan University, she also served as the Advisor for the Campus Programming Board and as the Residential Life Coordinator for the Houses and Welch Hall.

Wellness Related Experience & Interests: Personal Wellness is very important to me due to my past experiences in student affairs. Speaking to a variety of professionals across the country has allowed me to get a better understand of our baseline for wellness in higher education. I am passionate about educating professionals about the importance of work-life balance. On a day-to-day basis I also work to educate students about their own personal wellness. Working with my student leaders, we create educational materials about physical health, emotional health, and mental health.

Colette Masterson

Chair Elect | 614-823-3205

Current Position: Director of the Center for Student Involvement , Otterbein University
Degrees: M.S. in College Student Development from Oklahoma State University ('12); B.A. in Journalism and Broadcasting from Oklahoma State University ('09)
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Arif Nuri

Chair Elect | Phone
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Current Position: ASenior Year Experience Coordinator, University of Maryland

Degrees: M.A. High Education/Higher Education Administration, University of Maryland;  B.A. in Public Affairs with minor in Leadership Studeies and Education Policy, The Ohio State University

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Melissa Jacob

Co-Chair for Professional Development |  614-688-8449
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Current Position: Intercultural Specialist, American Indian/Indigenous Student Initiatives, The Ohio State University


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Annabelle Estera

Co-Chair of Professional Development | 
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Current Position: Graduate Assistant, Michigan State University

Degrees: Ph.D. Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, Michigan State Univerity *in progress); M.A. Higher Education and Student Affairs, The Ohio State University; B.A. in Music in Contemporary American Society, Asian Diasporas, University of Rochester

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Kara Hunter

Convention Chair | Phone

Current Position: 

Degrees:  M.A. Higher Education/Higher Education Administration (in progress); B.S. in Psychology, The Ohio State University

Experience: Kara is beginning her professional career as a Residence Director for Apartments at North Carolina State University. As a graduate student, she also served as a graduate advisor for the University Housing Conduct Board and the Wood Wellness Village. She did an internship at The Ohio State University through NUFP, and returned the following year as an Assistant Program Coordinator for the program.

Wellness Related Experience & Interests: Kara became increasingly interested in holistic wellness throughout her undergraduate experience, as she delved into her personal wellness. Now, she works to intertwine different aspects of wellness into her everyday work with students. As she continues to explore her own wellness, she hopes to help others find balance, as well.

Tiff Dyer

Vice Chair for Communications | 614-292-4806

Current Position: Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator, The Ohio State University

Degrees: M.A. in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; B.A. in English, Creative Writing, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Workplace Wellness Tip: I make sure to make my workspace as clean and comfortable as possible, taking time every day to organize before I leave.


Ashley Gerlach

Sponsored Programs Chair | 614-292-4806

Current Position: Sexual Violence Prevention Stuent Coordinator, The Ohio State University

Degrees: B.A. The Ohio State University

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