Commission for Academic Affairs

The Commission for Academic Affairs  Our mission: 

The Commission for Academic Affairs provides outreach, advocacy, and professional development opportunities to individuals in higher education who work in or with academic affairs related areas.  Our members connect academic and student development practices to holistically educate students. In addition to working closely with professionals and students in the field, we interact with faculty from all disciplines to promote comprehensive student development.

Our goals:
  • To promote best practices in student development throughout the academic affairs setting
  • To provide a niche for the interests of academic affairs professionals
  • To foster collaborative relationships between academic affairs and student affairs professionals by linking academic practices with student development
  • To identify emerging issues within academic affairs and provide members with easy access to information regarding current issues and trends
  • To initiate networking opportunities, encourage research, and develop scholarship pertinent to the field.
Information about this Commission:
  • Our Commission evolved out of the National Association of Academic Administrators (AcAfAd). The group merged in 1968.
  • The Commission has approximately 200 members.  Currently there are tweleve Directorate members.  We are looking for new and active members who want to get involved!
  • Commission members represent a broad spectrum of professional activities and responsibilities. A number of members work in academic affairs areas such as academic policy administration, program coordination, academic integrity, research supervision, programming for at-risk students, and teaching.   Other members work in student affairs functional areas and have significant interaction with academic affairs colleagues.  Regardless of their assignment, Commission members are interested in bringing together expertise from both areas to help in furthering student development
  • Some of our commission members have a student affairs functional area as their primary professional role and interest, and we are a secondary area of interest, important to supporting their primary work area.
  • We are looking for new ways to involve members who cannot attend the annual convention but would like to be involved with the Commission. Share your ideas. Visit our Get Involved page.

Contact one of our co-chairs, Cathy Carlson ( or Ceceilia Parnther (, to learn more about ACPA's Commission for Academic Affairs.

Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education

  Welcome to the Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education! Our Mission To provide outreach, professional development, advocacy, and networking opportunities for student and academic affairs professionals interested in learning about and enhancing all aspects of academic support.  We conceptualize academic support to include academic advising; student academic transitions; academic preparedness; and developmental education among other forms of support. Our Vision: As a commission, we seek to - 
  • Promote best practices in academic support;
  • Provide multiple avenues for professional development throughout the year;
  • Provide up-to-date information about emerging trends and research in academic support;
  • Articulate and demonstrate the interconnectedness between student affairs and academic support; and,
  • Create a supportive community of academic support professionals within
Our History The Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education was founded in March 1977 as the Commission for Learning Centers in Higher Education.  Back when ACPA used teh numerical system to note Commission names, we were Commission XVI.  Over the years of our existence, we gradually expanded our focus to include other functional areas that may fall under the heading of Academic Support, including academic advising, developmental education, tutoring programs, first year programs, living-learning communities, learning assistance programs, learning centers, and any others who view learning across academic and student affairs to be their primary functional area.  In July 1995, our name officially changed to "Academic Support in Higher Education."  During the late 2000's, the Commission was dormant within ACPA, but since then has been reinvigorated and has invested significant effort into providing ACPA members working in academic support with quality programming and professinal development opportunities.  In 2017, the Commissino will celebrate its 40th Anniversary at Convention in Columbus, Ohio (USA).  As a Commission, we believe that students and their academic success should receive active and effective support from student development and the academic community.


Commission for Administrative Leadership

Welcome to the Commission for Administrative Leadership (CAL)

Thank you for stopping by the CAL homepage. We are thrilled to have your voice and energy in helping us support the mission of ACPA and the Commission for Administrative Leadership. Take the time to look through our pages and don't hesitate to tell us how you want to get involved today. 

Please contact us at if you're interested in helping CAL out!

CAL Mission Statement

The Commission for Administrative Leadership (CAL) serves as a resource to student affairs professionals in all functional areas, settings, and experience levels.  We contribute to the association in addressing cross- functional, current, and future issues in higher education, through programming, leadership development, and member engagement.

In support of the mission of ACPA, the Commission for Administrative Leadership is guided by the following priorities:

  • To promote a well-rounded, generalist approach within the student affairs profession.
  • To provide a forum for students affairs professionals to address emergent trends and issues in the profession.
  • To develop the capacity of student affairs professionals as leaders in the higher education landscape.
  • To promote student affairs professionals' use of tools grounded in research, professional competencies, and best practices.
Meet your CAL Leadership Team

Tricia Smith


Donald Walker

Chair Elect & Secretary

Jermone Holland

 Vice Chair for Membership


Jeff Yacup

 Vice Chair for Communications



 Vice Chair for Programs


Commission for Admissions, Orientation, and First-Year Experience

Welcome to the Commission for Admissions, Orientation, and First-Year Experience (AOFYE)!


To proivde leadership and knowledge generation for ACPA in all issues related to student intake and first-year experience.

Mission Statement:

The ACPA Commission for Admissions, Orientation, and First-Year Experience (AOFYE) provides superior resources for scholarship, recognition, and networking for all association members whose work is engaged in the management of student enrollment and adjustment.  AOFYE is able to do this through its network of professionals whose expertise and understanding that college and university transition programs function best as integrated, intentionally-connected, and comprehensive processes.

Strategic Objectives:

Professional Development

  • Distribute a monthly written piece via newsletter, blog or other source that shares developments in the field and provides a forum for members to share best practices.
  • Organize and host a minimum of 4 webcasts annually that showcase relevant topics and best practices in the field.
  • Sponsor no fewer than 4 programs, which collectively cover a variety of topics related to the mission of AOFYE, at the ACPA annual convention.
  • Regularly update the AOFYE blog that provides an additional forum for Commission members to discuss trends within the field.
  • When necessary, advocate and consult ACPA Leadership for issues related to the mission of AOFYE.


  • Present annual awards to exemplary students, professionals, and programs that contribute to the mission of AOFYE.
  • Co-sponsor an annual grant with the National Resource Center for innovative research related to the mission of AOFYE.


  • Provide networking opportunities at the ACPA annual convention for AOFYE professionals.
  • Provide opportunities for members to share information on job openings related to the mission of AOFYE.
  • Regularly update and engage members via social media outlets (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).

Commission for Assessment and Evaluation

Welcome to the ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation

Commission for Assessment and Evaluation Student Affairs

Vision Statement
ACPA's Commission for Assessment and Evaluation will be an international leader in the development of sound practices and education in student affairs assessment and evaluation.

Mission Statement
The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation promotes assessment skills and knowledge to facilitate and support student learning, development, and effective student affairs practice.

Interested getting involved with our Commission? 

We welcome anyone interested in joining our Directorate to email us at for more information.  Directorate board members serve as important leaders in our Commission efforts.  You can learn more about the Directorate by visiting the Directorate membership page.

2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute

2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute 

The 2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute included 113 participants representing 75 different colleges in Baltimore this year. Institute faculty facilitated a curriculum-driven professional development experience to give a step-by-step approach of assessing department, divisional, and first-year experiences. Dr. Gavin Henning served as the keynote and opened the institute by positioning a culture of assessment as essential to the survival of higher education and student affairs. Henning also spoke of assessment through an organizational theoretical lens as an important tool for advancing change within departments and student affairs divisions.

The 2016 Student Affairs Assessment Institute

New this year included an educational partner with the National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition (NRC) to deliver a First-Year Experience Assessment Track. Dr. Jennifer Keup and Dr. Dallin George Young from the NRC led first-year student affairs professionals through the assessment design, planning, and implementation process. Participants in this track considered different outcomes for assessing the first-year student experience, explored various methodological approaches, and discussed how to leverage assessment findings for political capital at their own institutions.

The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation is already looking forward to the opportunity to see all Assessment Institute past attendees at ACPA’s 2017 Convention for continued learning and networking.

Lucas Schalewski
Assessment Institute Faculty member

Featured Videos

Creating a Culture of Assessment:

Involving Students in the Assessment Process:

Assessment for Creating Meaningful Experiences:

Publications free to our members:

Cover Image of Accreditation and the Role of the Student Affairs Educator

Accreditation and the Role of the Student Affairs Educator

 Cover Image of ASK Standards Booklet

Assessment In Practice: A Companion Guide to the ASK Standards




Commission for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Welcome to the Commission for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness (CCSEP) We're currently accepting nominations for our Directorate Board positions!  For more information, click HERE.

The ACPA Commission for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness (CCSEP) was formed as a means to advance and respond to the need for formalized conversations around crisis response, campus protocol, and emergency management on our campuses. Since our formation, our group has worked to become an informed voice on campus safety and emergency preparedness as these issues intersect with student affairs and the strategic objectives of ACPA.

Our group’s main goals and objectives are and continue to be:

  1. Contributing to knowledge and best practices
  2. Providing practical skills
  3. Offering professional development opportunities around topics of campus safety and emergency preparedness

Our efforts to meet these goals are multi-faceted and include research, convention opportunities, and of course, assisting in response to many of the timely issues that arise on our campuses and communities around these topics.

Campus safety and emergency preparedness efforts affect many of our roles in student affairs and thus, we welcome all members to get involved and connected with our work. Professionals working in the following areas may find particular benefits in joining: Housing and Residential Life, Campus Safety, Dean of Students, Risk Management, Faculty Members, Human Resources, Facilities and Operations, Student Unions, and Counseling Services.

If you would like to get connected, please reach out, follow us on Twitter @acpa_ccsep, or email our leadership below.  You can also find about more about how to get involved by clicking HERE.

Joe Cooper Chair Commission for Campus Safety & Emergency Preparedness


Commission for Career Services

Welcome to the Commission for Career Services! For Career Educators, by Career Educators   Vision Statement

To be the leading influential and engaging community and resource for career services educators. 


The Commission for Career Services  seeks to examine, address, and impact the changing and diverse role of career services in higher education within the student development framework.  We achieve this mission through:

  • Recruitment, Retention, and Mentoring of dynamic career educators.
  • Knowledge and Scholarship to enhance the field of career services.
  • Engagement through supportive on-line and in-person communities and networks of career services educators.
Statement of Non-Discrimination

Career Services Commission does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, affectional/sexual orientation, or disability in any of its policies, procedures or programs. This non-discrimination policy covers membership and access to commission programs and activities including but not limited to national conventions, program development, awards, services, publications, and leadership opportunities.

Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners

  Join the Directorate Today!

The directorate is always looking for involved members! It is easy to join us and at this time no elections are necessary! ALL are encouraged to apply if you are interested in being actively involved!

Now is your chance to get involved with the Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners Directorate.  Please complete the Candidate Information Form, and e-mail to Dr. Cheryl D. White as an attachment at If you are applying to join the directorate you need only fill out the Candidate Information Form. If you are nominating someone else please email the person's name and contact information to Dr. White, and she will reach out to that person directly.


Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter * indicates required Email Address *           2016 Commission Awards

2015-16 Award Winners

Individual Awards:

Outstanding Achievement by an Experienced Student Affairs Professional

Veronica Jones, Kennesaw State University

Outstanding Achievement by a New Student Affairs Professional

David Foster, University of South Carolina

Outstanding Achievement by a Student

Margaret Hindman, University of Arkansas

Outstanding Service to the Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners

Samantha Fehr Higgins, University of Arkansas

Program Awards:

Outstanding Program for Commuter Students:  Off Campus Student Services Community Ambassador Program, University of South Carolina


Get Involved!

There are many opportunities to get involved in our Commission on your schedule! Whether it is helping the Awards Committee select the best programs, contributing to this newsletter, or reviewing our Sponsored Programs, there is plenty to do! Please fill out this involvement form and a member of the Directorate will contact you with more information.

Benefits of the Commission

By joining the Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Quarterly newsletter containing best practices, upcoming events, and ACPA news
  • Free webinars each year covering innovative ideas, research, and best practices concerning commuter students and adult learners
  • A listserv of colleagues to solicit advice from


Mission Statement

Providing a network of contacts and support for those serving commuter student and adult learners;

Providing a forum for discussing and advocating commuter and adult student needs and concerns; and

Promoting the generation and sharing of data, research, services, and programs which effectively enhance commuter and adult students' development.

Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services

Welcome to CCAPS! 




2/16/17 CCAPS 2017 Convention Program Schedule   2/22/16 CCAPS Convention Program Schedule   01/15/16 Winter Newsletter is now available   12/11/15 CCAPS Knowledge Base is now available!


    News & Updates

► Looking for some summer reading? Check out the latest issue of About Campus, all about college mental health, hope, and well-being featuring CCAPS own Alan M. "Woody" Schwitzer!

CONGRATULATIONS, CCAPS which won the 2017 Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award!                   The Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award is presented to the commission that demonstrates their contribution to furthering research and scholarship in their field. In addition to the many peer reviewed publications that are produced by directorate and general body members each year, and the 20+ Continuing Education Units presented at the annual conference, this commission is now the host of the College Counseling and Psychological Services Knowledge Database.  This is a comprehensive database consists of a massive alphabetical annotated bibliography comprising all college counseling articles written from 1998-2013.  Individuals wishing to find any article related to college mental health can access the free database and search for articles by theme (e.g. career, substance abuse, retention, etc).

► Visit our Blog for updates from Commission members and leaders.

Who We Are ACPA'S Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCAPS) provides a home for professionals and graduate students who are interested and involved in counseling and psychological services in higher education

Membership in ACPA provides a subscription to the Journal of College Student Development, an invitation to participate in annual conventions and placement opportunities, and representation on legislative matters that affect our profession.

Commission membership is FREE. CCAPS welcomes the involvement of any professional or graduate student who is interested in the services provided by college and university psychological service centers.

Mission and Goals

Our mission is to maintain the voice of helping professionals focused on serving college and university students in a mental health setting. Our goals include:

  • Promoting the aims and values of human development in community colleges, colleges, and universities.
  • Providing a forum and place for the exchange of ideas, innovations, research, and standards.
  • Increasing the representative voice of those traditionally underserved and ignored in society.
  • Encouraging interaction, support, and networking among all student affairs professionals .
  • Providing an opportunity for mental health professionals to become involved in participatory leadership.
CCAPS Research Knowledge Base A new resource available to anyone interested in research related to counseling.  A massive alphabetical annotated bibliography comprising all college counseling articles, 1998-2013, from 5 literatures, plus separate bibliographies disaggregated for each literature (college counseling, counseling psychology, college health, college student development, & professional counseling)​.  The work of Alan M. "Woody" Schwitzer, Ph.D.  Click here to access the Knowledge Base.

Get Involved!  Learn more:

Check out the new CCAPS Facebook and Pinterest pages! CCAPS SPONSORS













CCAPS website maintainence: David L. Gilles-Thomas, PhD :: Email :: Web


Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development


Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome your interest and hope you find the information provided on this site helpful. To find out about opportunities for involvement, inquire about upcoming Commission programs, or if you have further questions, please contact CGDSD Chair Gudrun Nyunt.

About the Commission

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011, the Commission for the Global Dimensions of Student Development (CGDSD) is one of ACPA's oldest and most vital entity groups. Since its inception, the Commission has served as an essential hub for ACPA members interested in global education, cross-cultural learning, and student development. Over the years CGDSD members have provided critical leadership to ACPA's efforts to engage globally. That work continues today through ACPA's Global Initiatives, our partnerships with other student affairs and services organizations like IASAS and CACUSS, and our efforts to provide resources to ACPA members around the global dimensions of student development. 

Opportunities for Involvement

The Commission offers many ways for ACPA members to get involved and lead.

  • Submit a program proposal for CGDSD sponsorship at the annual Convention
  • Volunteer with Commission-sponsored initiatives at Convention
  • Apply for the CGDSD Research Grant
  • Submit an article for publication to About Campus, Developments, or the Journal of College Student Development
  • Prepare and deliver a presentation as part of the Commission's Dial-a-Dialogue series
  • Attend one of the Commission's Dial-a-Dialogue events
  • Serve on the Directorate Board

Use the drop down menus or click the links below to learn more about the Commission.

Awards Convention Programs Educational Programs Newsletter International Colloquium Sponsored Programs Vision and Mission