Commission for Student Conduct & Legal Issues

Alan Acosta
Associate Dean of Students
Florida State University
282 Champions Way, Suite 4100
Tallahassee, FL 32306
(850) 644-2428
Gender Pronouns: he/him/his

We are seeking nominations for our commission sponsored awards. We have five commission sponsored awards:
  • New Professional of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Service to the Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues Award
  • Outstanding Research in Student Conduct and Legal Issues
  • Award for Student Impact
  • Tracy R. Teele Memorial Award

For more information on the awards, how to nominate, and past winners, download this information sheet

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues (CSCLI) is to support the professional development of student conduct professionals in higher education in a progressive and visionary way. The Commission offers resources and opportunities, including collaboration, in conduct and legal issue education in an effort to support the development of socially just conflict resolution strategies that effectively resolve individual and group differences.

Guiding Principles:

  • An awareness of current student development and conflict resolution theories and legal issues impacting students, professionals, and campus communities
  • Support for the education and development of ethical principles, processes, and integrity
  • A commitment to socially just coduct and conflict resolution practices which affirm both the rights and responsibilities of individuals engaged in our processes
  • Support of a pluralistic approach to campus life issues and a commitment to increase the representation of diverse perspectives and backgrounds in its leadership positions

Student Conduct Board Manual and Reference
Download a copy of the Student Conduct Board Manual and Reference (PDF)
Click here for a link to the April 2011 Dear Colleague letter