Welcome from the Chair

Greetings! Welcome to the Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion & Meaning (CSFRM). CSFRM is a commission made up of ACPA members who are committed to supporting the spiritual, religious, and secular ways students and higher education professionals make meaning in their lives. Together, we are engaged in professional development, research publications and support, outreach, dialogue, and other avenues for exploring and committing in these critical areas of identity. These pages outline our various projects and ways that you can get involved.

This is an exciting time to explore these topics within ACPA. I believe that the CSFRM has the ability to make an impact and I hope that you'll join us in exploring how we can do so. If you would like to connect with me directly, or if you have any questions, comments, or ideas to share, please don't hesitate to email me at jepritch@udel.edu. I look forward to working with you.



Joe Pritchett

CSFRM Chair 2015 - 2017



The ACPA Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion, & Meaning (CSFRM) will provide ACPA members an arena within which to conduct research and assessment, strengthen their professional competencies, and enrich their self-knowledge and professional knowledge about issues related to meaning-making, specifically spirituality, faith, religion, belief, and existentialism within the context of higher education. In addition, acting within the ACPA governance structure and with the ACPA International Office, CSFRM will assist in positioning ACPA to be an informed voice on existential pursuits of meaning-making, including spirituality, faith, religion, and belief as they relate to student development, the administration of student affairs, and the organization of governance structures within a college, community college, or university setting. These efforts will include examining various modes of pursuing meaning-making in the contextual experience of both the U.S. and the global higher education community (Adopted by the CSFRM Directorate Body, October 2009).