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You can join CSFRM by going to “Committees” in your ACPA membership profile (near the bottom of the Web page) and selecting “Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion, & Meaning” from among the entities listed.

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Opportunities for Involvement
We are seeking volunteers to work with the directorate this year. If you are interested, please email Steven at

Website Blog / Newsletter

ACPA will now be featuring a blog option for each of the commissions. We are looking for people to jumpstart the blog by finding resources and individuals to post blog entries about personal and professional experiences with spirituality, faith, religion, and meaning-making. If you are an avid blogger or looking to learn more about it, we’d love to have you on this project team! This writing team will also support CSFRM’s periodic newsletter.


Collaboration with Career Central

A new and exciting opportunity is collaborating with Career Central to offer job postings related to spiritual, religious, faith-based, and meaning-making student affairs positions. As our awareness of the need to have meaning-making dialogues on our campuses grows, so do these positions. Our hope is to support the movement to include more full-time, meaning-making focused positions by providing a space for institutions to recruit from our very own membership and through the C3 system. This team will get the ball rolling by creating a proposal to our Career Central collaborators on how this process could work.

Professional Development Focus: Facilitating Conversations Around Worldview

In many of our dialogues at Convention and with colleagues throughout the year, we have noticed a theme regarding what would be useful for professional development. There appears to be a need to build capacity around worldview conversations and develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to engage in these dialogues. This would serve to both help students discuss worldview perspectives with each other, but also for practitioners and scholars to engage in meaning-making dialogues together. If you are interested in developing this capacity for yourself and/or aiding others in this area, we would love to have you join this project team.

Research Focus: Under-Researched Worldviews

There has also been a call for further research on under-researched worldview identities and perspectives. One potential focus is students who identify as atheists. If you are interested in conducting, compiling, or soliciting research on under-researched worldviews, we’d love to have you help out.