We have updated our publications to better serve you all. We now have two different documents that will provide updates, information, and relevant research to you. Our bi-weekly newsletter, HAPPENINGS, will have quick snippets of info and updates as to what is happening. Our quarterly publication, INTERCHANGE, will continue to deliver relevant research, assessment, and best practices.


We are now accepting submissions for our bi-weekly CSI Newsletter!  This publication showcases the work of professionals across the world engaged in fraternity/sorority life, leadership education, community service/service learning and student organizations and activities. Do you have a reflection on a program from your campus?  Think you have a good practice for advising students?  Tips for working with community partners?  All of these and more would make great Newsletter Submissions. This is also an opportunity to share writing samples with a broader audience and is a great entry way into publishing.

Please submit your article here.

For more information about our publications, please contact our Vice Chair for Communication, Tifaney Millwood


The Interchange is a weekly blog for the Commisstion for Student Involvement. It is meant to be practioner focused; offering new and innovative ways to approach the work of student involvement and the four functional areas CSI oversees: Leadership, Fraternity and Sorority Lige, Organizations and Activitie, and Community Service/Service Learning. In short, the Interchange presents content that informs practice. The Interchange is a great low-risk publication opportunity for graduate students and Student Affairs practitioners. You can contribute to the Interchange by emailing our Vice Chair for Research and Assessment, Lauren Irwin

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