Pro Devo To Go Series

The CSI strives to offer diverse, engaging professional development opportunities throughout the year.  The Pro Devo To Go Series features books, news articles, blogs, podcasts, and other media that are, at their core, engaging and relevant to student-involvement work.  Content will be distributed widely for members to review, including discussion opportunities to further digest and apply the selection to practice.  Attention is given each month to providing members with ways to take the material back to their campus/organization to engage with others.  The goal of this program is to offer accessible professional development by featuring new content regularly for our members at little to no cost.  Twitter chats, webcasts, blogs, conference calls, and Google Hangouts are just some examples of engagement strategies to help participants connect and further engage with the Pro Devo To Go Series.

Members with suggestions fur featured content or with questions about the Pro Devo To Go Series should contact Vice Chair for Programs, James Wiliams Silay.

Past Featured Content:

I am Malala: The girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban (book)

“The Renaissance of Student Activism” (news article)

“Back Up Plans” (podcast)

Members with suggestions for featured titles or questions about the initiative should contact Vice Chair of Programs, Travis Schilla. 

CSI E-Series

The CSI E-Series is another way the Commission seeks to transcend its traditions of time and place-bound professional development. The E-Series is a collection of intentionally-designed, educational webcasts, focusing on building content knowledge around the critical skills and hot topics most pertinent to student involvement educators today. Key emphasis will be placed on exploring the intersections of leadership and social justice within the context of student involvement, as well as applicable CAS Standards. At least one E-Series webcast will be featured each month. 

Members with suggestions for content and topics or questions about the initiative should contact Vice Chair of Programs, Travis Schilla.

Past Webinars:

Advising Student Organizations with Norb Dunkle and Nancy Green

Student Organization Management Systems - Taking Your Campus Digital 

Audio for Chapter 2: Institutional Best Practices



In addition to pulling together resources, CSI members are actively creating documents to help you in your professional life.  We are in the midst of revising our extremely popular Advising Guide and hope to this document and many other regularly availble to you all in the near future.

In the meantime, you can still access the previous version of the our Commission Advising Guide.