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The Commission for Two-Year Colleges is directly concerned with issues relevant to student development programs at two-year institutions. Additionally, it is designed topromote the improvement of student development programs; enhance the professional development of student development personnel; and serve as an advocate for student development programs at two-year institutions.

The Commission Two-Year Colleges enhances your work with students by:

  • Giving you access to our e-newsletter, published two times a year, which keeps you updated on current student affairs issues relevant to two-year colleges.
  • Providing professional development opportunities through sponsored programs at ACPA's annual convention, commission-sponsored regional workshops, and co-sponsored programs with other national student development in two-year college focused organizations.
  • Affording opportunities for you to network with other student development professionals via the Internet, conferences, and workshops.
  • Connecting you to job placement opportunities through ACPA's placement services.
  • Providing access to research awards for student development for two-year college professionals.

Providing opportunities for you to dialogue with other college student development professionals from diverse cultures and backgrounds.







50 Years of History!  

In 2011, this commission celebrated its 50th anniversary.  To show a bit of the history, a powerpoint was shown at the 2011 ACPA Annual Convention.  To view this, click here to view it as a PDF.

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