Learn About Two Year Colleges

Community College Now E-Radio is a weekly one hour interactive radio program designed to discuss issues, trends and challenges pertinent information germane to two-year institutions.   Live broadcasts occur Tuesdays at 11am, but you can always listen to the conversation.




This is a link to a webcast hosted by Higher Ed Live about careers in two year colleges.   Current professionals discuss their path to two year college work and provide insight for those interested in working at a two year college.




This is a link to a webcast hosted by Higher Ed Live about the role of academic advising in two year colleges.  Current professionals discuss the importance of academic advising, the differences in advising students in a two-year college setting, and ways to improve practices.  This is a great tool to understand the differences between two year and four year colleges.




The following links are for research articles directly related to community colleges.   Specifically the articles deal with student retention in community colleges with an emphasis on practical application.

Article on the use of faculty advisors

Retention of adult learners


The following links are three recent research articles from the Community College Research Center at Columbia University.   The first discusses the role of student preparation in placement exams and the second discusses the impact of student support services on student success and the third discusses the unspoken expectations that students encounter in community college and such expectations can hamper their success.