Vision Statement:
We will challenge, support, and empower college educators to build and sustain cultures of wellness in their places of employment by:

  • Serving as a resource for college educators to find information about wellness programs for their students
  • Providing programs and exercise activities for college educators at the national conference
  • Facilitating professional development opportunities to create opportunities for growth
  • Creating opportunities for college educators to network in the area of Wellness
  • Collaborating with entities within and outside of ACPA or program and resource sharing
  • Provide resources and programs for Alcohol and Other Drug facilitators

Mission statement:
To provide education, resources, support and recognition to college educators in order to facilitate and sustain campus cultures of wellness through the various dimensions of wellness.

Our Goals:
Are grounded in theory and research and defined utilizing the ACPA strategic plan while also providing specific direction to advance the vision of the Commission for Wellness. 

I.          Create a team of at least 5 wellness experts engaged at least 4 times in the semester to roll out concrete wellness resources and knowledge
II.          Collaborate with at least three different commissions or standing committees for professional development, articles, programs at convention, and conference calls
III.          Host more professional development for CW members than last year
          a.      Host at least 3 webinars
          b.     Host at least 4 events at conference (including 5k, AA meeting, commission meeting, reflection room)
IV.          Create a more strategic plan for the following area
          a.      Communications plan
          b.     Clearly document directorate roles’ responsibilities and tentative timeline for responsibilities
          c.      Specific Programming for Alcohol and Other Drugs
          d.     Create volunteer opportunities to recruit at least 3 new involved members at convention   (1 consistent interaction per month)
V.          Increase structure with Educational Programs
          a.      At least 5 program reviewers outside of the commission

Our Objectives:
As they relate to our goals.  Broadly, they include:

  • Convention Activities (sponsored programs, Showcase, and ancillary activities)
  • Year-long educational/professional development opportunities (Webinars, conferences, seminars, etc.)
  • Maintenance and continued development of Web site
  • Regular communication with Commission membership
  • Marketing of our Commission to our membership and ACPA membership at large
  • Provision of leadership opportunities and engagement of Commission membership in activities of the Commission
  • Engaging in and supporting sustainability efforts/practices in all work carried out by Commission for Wellness and on college campuses