Open Directorate Positions

We are currently looking for dedicated individuals to join the Commission for Wellness directorate.  The following positions are available and we're accepting applications

  • Chair Elect (Supporting the Chair; Commission Self-Study; Maintaining Bylaws; Orientation of New Members)
  • Vice Chair for Communications (Newsletters; Social Media; Website Development; Membership Communication & Assessment)
  • Vice Chair for Convention Planning (Annual Convention Events)
  • Coordinator for Sponsored Programs (Webinars & Conferences; Sponsored Programs; Best Practices; Research)

If you have any questions please contact our Vice Chair for Collaboration Hannah Roberts.


If you're interested in getting involved with a committee please email and we'll connect you.

Communication Committee
Web site development
Social Media
Assessment practices

Education & Professional Development Committee
Awards & Recognition
Wellness best practices
Program evaluation
Continuing education
Program proposal review

Convention Activities
Event planning
Promotion of Wellness
Coordination with ACPA convention planning
Creative ideas

Networking with colleagues
Connecting ideas with people and organizations
Focus on learning