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Recorded Webinars

Full Presentation: Preparing our Staff for Healthier Students: Lessons and Leaderships 


National Wellness Associations

American College Health Association (ACHA) Guidelines and Recommendations
The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)
National Wellness Institute (NWI)
National Eating Disorder Association

Wellness Resources for Purchase
ETR Associates

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Association of Recovery in Higher Education
College Alcohol Intervention Matrix
Guide to Drugs on Campus

Brave Girls Club  
Student Mental Health from ASO

Work Life Balance
Work/Life Balance

Yoga Journal
President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Healthy Dessert Blog

Wellness in Higher Education
Building Healthy Academic Communities National Summit
The BACCHUS Network

Wellness on Social Media
Healthy Campus LinkedIn Group
Healthy Campus Facebook page
Healthy Campus Twitter feed

General Wellness Links:
National Institutes of Health
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Student/University Targeted Resources:
National College Health Assessment
Alcohol Mixed with High Levels of Caffeine: What Campus Professionals Need to Know

Social Media Resources:

Life Work Balances is a weekly audio podcast dedicated to discussions with and stories told by people that work with college students about what they do outside of work, either for fun or to relieve stress and find balance. It launched in February 2012, with the goal of creating a space for folks to share their stories, to show student affairs professionals as three dimensional people, and also to put out information to other professionals about what their peers do to relieve stress and find balance in a field that can feel all consuming at times.

Past guests have included Dr. Dafina Lazarus Stewart (Faculty in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at Bowling Green State University) Meredith Mickaliger (Community Director at Occidental College) Dr. Glenn Deguzman (Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards at UC Berkley), Eric Stoller (higher education consultant and blogger) and Heidi Levine (Dean of Students at Cornell College and ACPA Past President). Some of the topics discussed in episodes have included the benefits of working out and playing sports, journaling, watching movies, roller derby, playing, listening to, and writing music, community organizing, civic engagement, and finding a social community to name a few.

Episodes are archived for free in the iTunes store, or can be streamed or downloaded from If anyone is interested in being interviewed for Life Work Balances, they can email the host, Conor McLaughlin, at