ACPA 2018

ACPA18 will provide convention attendees opportunities to: (1) Reflect on their own positionality and role in social justice work within student affairs; (2) Educate and role model the value of racial justice; (3) Engage the issues impacting higher education by applying our identified competencies; (4) Experience critical opportunities for learning and engagement through the creation and dissemination of knowledge; and 5) collaborate with the local Houston community.

We are committed to an experience that pushes boundaries in our thinking, empowers members to make a difference, and stimulates change in the community.

The Commission for Academic Affairs will be sponsoring/co-sponsoring the following programs.  We will post times and locations when announced.

Sponsored Programs

  1. No, You Don't have Hug Eveyone: Careers in Academic Affairs
  2. Mentor Mosaic: Creating Inclusive Mentoring Communities to Enhance Student Success

Co-Sponsored Programs

  1. Helping Students Reclaim Bandwidth Lost to Poverty, Racism, Social Marginalization (Commission for Social Justice Educators)
  2. Employing Data: Making it Work for You (Commission for Assessment and Evaluation)
  3. Divisional Partnerships Enhancing Student Global Experiences (Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development)
  4. Deployment of Intrusive Advising within the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel (Commission for Academic Support)

For more details, keep watch at ACPA Houston 2018