ACPA will actively pursue relationships such as corporate partnerships, sponsorship of association activities, and other business affiliations with corporations whose products, policies and practices align with the core values of the association; including but not limited to respect for human dignity, sustainable practices, and inclusion. ACPA will not consciously enter into relationships with corporations and businesses whose products, policies and practices do not align with those core values.

ACPA will use guides highlighting best practices and other resources that focus on corporate social responsibility, particularly as they relate to the mission of ACPA. This information will be used as a guide to identify "socially conscious" companies as well as companies in conflict with our mission and core values.

In making choices to learn more about "socially conscious" companies, these relationships could provide new opportunities for ACPA to partner with corporations whose goals and values more closely match our own. It will also raise awareness among ACPA leaders about Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) that might inform our work with students and how we make personal choices.