Intersections Magazine

The magazine has a focus on LGBT topics on campuses and globally. Following a traditional magazine format, sections include the following:

News and Notes
Providing an opportunity to share the great things that are happening on campuses. Did someone win an awards? Have a presentation accepted? Were they published? Share the news so we can celebrate any and all acheivements.

Upcoming Events
Do you have upcoming events that you want to share?  This is a great way to share the programs you do on your campus and provide inspiration for other schools who are looking for fresh ideas for their LGBT programming.

Conversations is a dialogue driven section geared to current events and may be connected with CSGI Twitter Talks. If you have a topic you'd like us to approach, let us know and we'll begin the conversation on social media and continue it in a future issue.

PhD. Studies
For those pursuing doctoral programs and those in the midst of completion, the information in this section is devoted research. Do you have a an article you'd like to share?  Have you recently been published and want to share your article?