Newsletter Publication Guidelines

Audience Information:
The Commission for Social Justice Educators' mission is to provide a collaborative home for college student educators working in the areas of diversity and social justice education. This commission reinforces and focuses ACPA’s commitment to multiculturalism and social justice by providing a place for college student educators, who are similarly committed to a broad range of social justice issues, to network, share knowledge, tools, and resources, collaborate across institutions and identities, and provide support. This Commission supports those working towards social justice and diversity issues across the wide spectrum of student affairs positions. The Commission for Social Justice Educators compliments the functional and identity support work being done in other Commissions and Standing Committees, while providing a unique opportunity for creating partnerships across institutions and identities.

Article Information:
Articles must provide information that is useful, relevant, and of interest to social justice educators who work within higher education. Ideas for topics might include new, innovative training techniques, summary of new research, case studies, book reviews, or information on how social justice educators might address prominent social issues, such as supporting students from historically marginalized groups on predominantly white, heterosexual, middle class campuses. Creative, evocative, personal, and humorous yet thought-provoking content is appreciated.

Our members often have constraints on their time and therefore, we ask that submitted articles provide comprehensive information succinctly. This should include brief vibrant paragraphs, the avoidance of jargon and overly complicated terminology, clear and concise sentences, and when necessary, bulleted or listed items.

Articles must be formatted according to APA guidelines, as set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). In-text citations must be used, with no more than five references. Resource lists may be included. Articles with footnotes will be returned for proper formatting. Article length can be 300 to 1500 words. All articles must be submitted in 12-point type, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, in Microsoft Word (.doc) or rich text format (.rtf). Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references, quotations, tables and figures.

Authors are advised to consider the readership of the Commission for Social Justice Educators in their submission(s). The use of language or content that has the potential to harm or adversely affect readers is discouraged. The Commission for Social Justice Educators newsletter is a sponsored publication of the American College Personnel Association. The decision to include articles containing graphic content or any article in the newsletter is at the discretion of the Commission for Social Justice Educators’ newsletter editor and ACPA governing bodies. The Commission for Social Justice Educators reserves the right to request submissions be edited if necessary.

Submit articles to:

Elizabeth Thompson at or Deborah Slosberg at

Author Information:
Every article must be accompanied by the author’s full name, highest degree and any licenses or certifications, job title, and employing organization. An e-mail address for the author(s) must be provided for print with each article.

Publication Schedule:
The Commission for Social Justice Educators’ newsletter is a quarterly publication. A call for article submissions will take place each season.