James Breslin, Ph.D. (2013-2017)

Past Chair

Dean of Student Success

Bellarmine University

Email: jbreslin@bellarmine.edu

Dana McGuire (2014-2017)

Vice Chair for Professional Development and Convention

Associate Director, Student Success Center

Virginia Tech

Email: dana.mcguire@vt.edu

Brittany M. Williams (2015-2018)

Vice Chair for Publications and Scholarship

Career Consultant, Career Center

Doctoral Student, College Student Affairs Administration 

University of Georgia      

Email: bmw10880@uga.edu

Lorena Shank (2016-2019) .

Vice Chair for Member Engagement and Communication

Associate Director of School of Engineering and Applied Science, Graduate Advising and Student Services

George Washington University

Email: lorenah@gwu.edu

Julie Lynch (2015-2018)

Sponsored Programs Coordinator

Academic Advisor, Academic Center for Exploratory Students
University of Connecticut

Amanda Davis (2016-2019)

Webinar Co-Coordinator

Academic Advising Coordinator with the Center for Academic Support and Advising

Colorado School of Mines

Email: amandadavis@mines.edu

Eric Moschella (2016-2019)

Webinar Co-Coordinator




Sara Ackerson (2016-2019)

Social Media Coordinator

Academic Coordinator, Carson College of Business

Washington State University Vancouver

Email: sara.ackerson@wsu.edu

Kate Miller (2016-2019)

Awards and Recognition Coordinator

Academic Advisor

Master’s Student, College Student Personnel

Bowling Green State University

Email: Millerke734@gmail.com

Atiya R. Smith (2016-2019)

Monograph Co-Editor

Study Skills Consultant, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Doctoral Student, Counselor Education & Supervision

University of Rochester

Email: atiya.smith@warner.rochester.edu

Amanda Parkman (2016-2019)

Senior Blog Editor; Interim Blog Recruitment & Contribution Specialist

Academic Skills Coordinator

University of Arizona

Email: aparkman@email.arizona.edu

Kristen Wallitsch, PhD (2016-2019)

Monograph Co-Editor

Associate Dean of Academic Support

Bellarmine University

Email: Kwallitsch@bellarmine.edu

Kathryn Angeles**

2016-2017 CASHE Fellow

Student Affairs Officer, Computer Science Department

Columbia University

Email: ka2550@columbia.edu

** Denotes directorate engagement, not full membership.