Educational Programs Beyond Convention

The CGDSD offers year-round professional development opportunities through its Dial-a-Dialogue webinar series, intended to provide opportunities for engagement and learning on critical global issues facing the profession. Presentations are recorded and available for download below. 


There is no cost to members to participate other than the costs associated with placing the call. To learn more or to register and receive a free participation code, please contact Vice-Chair for Educational Programs Melissa Fike.


We welcome your suggestions for potential presenters and topics. Interested in developing and presenting on a topic related to the global dimensions of student development? Please contact Vice-Chair for Educational Programs Melissa Fike for assistance.

Archived Programs


  • Supporting International Students in the U.S. in an Uncertain Time (available for streaming and download)
    Dr. Robert Coffey, Assistant Director for International Admissions and Sponsored Student Recruitment Coordinator, Office of Admissions, Michigan State University
    Nicole Namy, International Sponsored Student Coordinator/Advisor, Office of International Students and Scholars, Michigan State University
    [October 2017]



  • Destination Unknown: Studying Abroad in Nontraditional Locations (mp3)
    This dialogue explores trends in student participation and destination selection in education abroad, potential causes and solutions to underrepresentation, case studies from the field, and information for advisors and administrators seeking to increase student participation and education abroad opportunities. Presenter: Taylor C. Wood {George Washington University, USA) [July 2014]
  • Critical International Service-Learning (mp3)
    Presented by three seasoned service-learning administrators, this dialogue discusses how to administer international service-learning trips, including logistics management, consideration of social themes, and inspiring learning and reflection among student participants. Presenters: Courtney Holder (University of Maryland, USA), Melody Porter (College of William and Mary, USA), Shoshanna Sumka (American University, USA) [February 2014]

  • Education For Global Peace (mp3) 
    Dr. Jing Lin (University of Maryland, USA) has authored four books on peace education and environmental education. Her presentation discusses the roles of love, peace, and wisdom in education, and responsibilities, opportunities, and barriers of educators as tools for global peace. [December 2013]

  • Encouraging Students To Serve Beyond Their Horizons (mp3)
    Here2There International CEO Ashley Trakalo (Canada) discusses how to incorporate social justice conversations in international education, and how to promote service and cross-cultural dialogue. [October 2013]


  • It’s A Process, Not A Program: The Role of Student Affairs & Services in Education Abroad (mp3)
    Both student affairs & services and education abroad professionals play important roles in creating opportunities for student learning and development, but often the connection between these groups is weak or non-existent.  Tremendous benefits can come from building bridges between student affairs & services and education abroad, including the creation of safe, successful experiences abroad that result in desired learning outcomes. This presentation highlights how student affairs & services professionals can contribute to the education abroad processand the important role they can play in enhancing the quality of the programs in terms of student development and learning. Panelists explore how students participating in education abroad experience cognitive, identity, and psycho-social development opportunities, as well as cultural adjustment. Special attention will be paid to early-career students (first- and second-year students). Presenters: Dr. Paige Sindt (CEA Global Education, USA), Dr. James Lucas (Michigan State University, USA), Dr. Raymond Plaza (Bowling Green State University, USA). [February 2013]
  • Student Conduct and Education Abroad: What Professionals Need to Know (mp3)
    Presenters will consider and discuss issues and topics related to pre-departure orientation; legal and conduct issues related to education abroad programs; on-site emergency situations (including how to interpret campus policies to respond to incidents abroad); and the role and uses of technology. Presenters: Steven D. Bell (Old Dominion University, USA), Michael M. DeBowes (Old Dominion University), Dr. Dennis E. Gregory (Old Dominion University, USA), Camila Nardozzi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), Julianne Ohotnicky (Smith College, USA) Co-sponsored by the ACPA Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues. [October 2012]



    • Orientation Programming and the Needs of International Students (mp3)
      A panel of professionals who work closely with international students address trends affecting international students, how to communicate with students prior to their arrival to campus, and how to improve the international student transition and orientation experience. Presenters: MaryAnne Lustgraaf (University of New Hampshire, USA), Chrissy-Roth-Francis (University of Southern California, USA), Leslie Jo Shelton (Michigan State University, USA). Co-sponsored by the Commission for Admissions, Orientation and the First Year Experience. [April 2012]
    • Recruiting and Serving Underrepresented Students in Study Abroad (mp3)
      This session will present ideas and generate discussion on how to attract and better serve students from ethnically and racially diverse populations; students from diverse socio-economic groups; LGBTQ students; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students; and students with disabilities. Topics will include strategies and resources, marketing, and building constituencies. This session will be a time of sharing best practices as well as lessons learned. Presenter: Cindy Chalou (Michigan State University, USA) [November 2011]
    • Higher Education Leadership and Globalization in the 21st Century (mp3)
      Dr. Yulia Tokstikov-Mast (Indiana Tech, USA) leads a roundtable discussion on several topics related to administrative leadership in a globalized era. These include: the internationalization of university organizational cultures; what it means to be an international instructor (importance, challenges, opportunities); increasing global awareness among undergraduate students; working with international students; and essential qualities for academic administrators to lead in the 21st century. [November 2011]
    • Engaging Muslim Students On Our Campuses (mp3)
      Hosted by student affairs and services staff in Education City (Doha, Qatar), this presentation is for professionals wishing to better understand the Muslim student experience. Discussants focus on important factors that help create Muslim student identity, challenges Muslim students face on college campuses, ways to meet their needs, and strategies to engage them on campus. Presenters: Raya Alirani (Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar), Mohammed Alkuwari (Qatar Foundation), Kevin D'Arco (Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar), Jill Duffy (Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar), Leslie Gray (Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar), Melissa Martinez (Northwestern University-Qatar), Donney Moroney (Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar), Jeff Sulik (Texas A&M University-Qatar), Jessica Young (Qatar Foundation). [November 2011]
    • Engaged Learning: The Global Dimensions of Student Development and the Importance of Building Community (mp3)
      Creative Facilitations founder Stephanie Pollack discusses how to enrich programs intended for diverse student populations by using interactive activities, intercultural communication theories, the stages of a group's life, experiential education theory, neuropsychology research, and community cohesion techniques. She discuss the whys and hows of ordering, framing, facilitating, and debriefing activities for optimal student development and connection. [October 2011]
    • Helping Student Appreciate The Benefits of International Opportunities (mp3)
      Presenters Kelly Kowatch (University of Michigan, USA) and Dr. Jessica Turos (Bowling Green State University, USA) discuss best practices in how staff can encourage students to explore international opportunities. Their presentation includes ideas for how to market international experiences to key campus constituencies. Co-sponsored by the ACPA Commission for Career Development. [April 2011]
    • International Student Adjustment: Practical Tips for Student Affairs and Services Administrators (mp3)
      International students face a number of unique issues when they enroll outside their home countries. Staff psychologist and international student specialist Dr. Sylvia Chen (Counseling and Mental Health Center, University of Texas at Austin, USA) discusses adjustment issues for international students and how best to assist them. Co-sponsored by the ACPA Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services. [April 2011]