Coalition for (Dis)Ability

One of the core values of ACPA is “diversity, multicultural competence and human dignity.”  The members and leaders of ACPA have continuously worked to create an organization that is diverse, welcoming, and open to all who wish to participate.  This is especially important when planning the annual Convention, as it is a time for members to come together to learn, teach, and grow as student affairs professionals.  

The Convention Planning Team (CPT) responsible for the Houston Convention has worked on many different aspects of event to ensure an inclusive environment for all members.  One way this group addressed concerns relevant to the Coalition for (Dis)Ability is through the Convention Access Guide.  This guide can be found on the Accessibility Tab of the Convention Website (

The Convention Access Guide is intended to give members information on accessibility in our meeting and event spaces.  It includes accessibility information related to our Convention Hotels and the amenities offered within each.  Maps of event spaces are included to help with navigation.  It also provides relevant accessibility information regarding to travel to and from city of Houston.  

We hope this information helps as you plan your trip to Houston, TX.  As you begin to use the guide, please let the directorate know if it is meeting your needs.  The Convention Access Guide was first introduced to ACPA in 2017 and is a living document that is updated and maintained by the Convention Access Chair and the Equity & Inclusion committee of the CPT.  If there is important information that needs to be included in the guide, we can work on getting it into the document!

Mike Kutnak

2018 Convention Access Chair