Coalition for Women's Identities

Coalition for Women’s Identities

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Written by Chelsea Lyles

I recently had the opportunity to interview Shanice Clarke and Kelly Schrader, Co-Chairs of the Coalition for Women’s Identities (CWI). Thank you, Shanice and Kelly, for taking the time to provide updates about the change in CWI’s leadership structure and your perspective on CWI’s fundraising efforts.

CL: The CWI Directorate Board decided to appoint co-chairs to begin the 2018-9 term. Can you tell us a little about why that decision was made and how it aligns with the ACPA Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization?

KS: It became clear to the CWI Directorate Board at the announcement of our spring 2017 election results, that the Directorate Board needed to pay attention to our core beliefs, practices, and structures; we needed to examine how we arrived in that place and how we would move forward. I was catapulted into paying attention to something I hadn’t thought about—through the election process a fourth white, cis-gender woman was elected to serve as chair. I didn’t think about this until past Directorate Board members raised concerns about the ways of being that brought us to that moment. We engaged in a lot of dialogue! In line with CWI’s mission, vision, and values, and the Strategic Imperative on Racial Justice and Decolonization, we made a change to our structure.


CL: What is your vision for CWI throughout your tenure as co-chair?

SC: My vision for CWI over my tenure as Co-Chair is to help further define and streamline our structure and focus for our membership. Our members each bring a unique set of skills, represented through ACPA/NASPA’s Professional Competencies, that will support the administration of our work. In addition, I hope to help guide the directorate to provide meaningful  engagement opportunities with the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization, as it relates to the needs of CWI’s membership.


CL: Why is the Coalition for Women’s Identities fundraising through the CWI Campaign for Equity?

KS: The CWI Directorate Board is an extraordinary opportunity to serve the members of CWI and ACPA. The cost associated with service on the Directorate Board presents a barrier to participation and full service on the Board. Through the campaign, we hope to have a Board that is fully representative of all the members of CWI and ACPA.


CL: The mission for the Coalition for Women's Identities is to support, develop, and empower the spectrum of women- and female-identified people and those in solidarity with us through advocacy and activism, engaging community, and scholarship. How can CWI members get more involved with and support the mission of CWI?

SC: There are so many ways to get involved! Participate in our e-caucus series, volunteer through supporting a future webinar, support and share our Campaign for Equity, and follow us on Twitter @ACPACWI, Instagram, or Facebook for future opportunities!


CL: What opportunities to CWI members have to look forward to over the next year and leading up to the 2019 ACPA Convention in Boston?

SC: CWI will be launching another fundraising campaign this fall to support our upcoming work at convention, in collaboration with ACPA’s International Office. In addition, we are finalizing our selection process for our Emerging Leader in Residence. Stay tuned for virtual caucuses, webinars, reading groups, and volunteer opportunities!


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