Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education

Name: Kathryn Angeles

Institutions & Job Title: Program Administrator at the Center for Data Science, New York University

What have been some significant experiences about being engaged/involved in ACPA CASHE? I am the 2016-2017 CASHE fellow, which has given me the chance to get a closer look at ACPA and the opportunities available for its members. I was able to see what happens "behind-the-scenes" at ACPA CASHE, which allowed me to appreciate even more the work and resources CASHE and ACPA as a whole provides for its members. 

What is your vision for the directorate and ACPA at large? My vision for the directorate and ACPA at large is to continue to expand our reach to all areas of student affairs and to areas of higher education that may not see themselves as part of student affairs, but actually do work in student affairs. 

What are your topical areas of interest (within and outside of ACPA CASHE)? I am interested in student transition (what does that mean, what is needed for a successful transition, does the transition period ever end). I am also interested in community building, both for students and professionals. 


What do you do in your free time/outside of work? Relax at home with my husband and cat whenever possible! I also like to explore neighborhoods and eat good food.  

Tell us one thing no one in ACPA knows about you? I played softball from 4th grade to the end of high school. I don't get to play much anymore, but I miss it!