Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education

·  Name: Tommy Amal

·  Institutions & Job Title: Virginia Tech; Assistant Director- Student Success Center


·  What is your vision for the Directorate and ACPA at large? I envision the Directorate continuing to expand and provide innovative ways for practitioners to develop and share best practices in our field. I also envision the Directorate playing a role in furthering the discussion on ways to enhance holistic student support by promoting meaningful collaboration across higher education institutions.

·  What are your topical areas of interest (within and outside of ACPA CASHE)? I am most interested in the development of holistic support for underperforming and racially minoritized student groups. Within that, I am interested in developing ways to provide intrusive academic support to members of those groups.


·  What do you do in your free time/ outside of work? When there is free time… I love to lift weights! I also spend time with family, friends and watch sports.

·  Tell us one thing no one in ACPA knows about you? I am a diehard Lakers fan…although I am from Chicago.


·  What is your favorite quote? Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure~ Marianne Williamson.