Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education

Welcome to CASHE's first #WCW also known as #WorkCrushWednesday. On Wednesdays, we will be recognizing academic support professionals who are doing great work! Know someone that fits this mold? Fill out our brief survey here and they will be recognized in the coming weeks! Please e-mail Claire West at with questions.

Our very first #WorkCrushWednesday is Cassandra Hirdes from the University of Arizona. Cassandra serves as the Associate Director at THINK TANK. This nominator was thrilled to share Cassandra's amazing attributes. As a supervisor, she is caring, thoughtful and supportive. She wants only the best for you and creates an environment that encourages one to grow and thrive. In her role, she oversees the Schedule for Success Program. This is a program for incoming freshman who have selected a major that requires a general math strand, but based on placement score they are not quite there. The Schedule for Success Program is a collaboration between THINK TANK and the math department. The nominator shared that she was continually impressed with how she supported and maintained a strong relationship between academics and student affairs based on this collaboration effort. She is effective in guiding the program, and grounding it in research and best practices using a strength-based approach. We could go on and on about how incredible Cassandra is! She would be the first to say that this work is a team effort. However, it starts with the leadership and the example she sets and fosters.