Commission for Assessment and Evaluation

CAE Developments Series: "Views of Assessment" Article Solicitation​

The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation is excited to announce a written series focused on the experience of student affairs professionals who work with assessment for the American College Personnel Association’s (ACPA) on-line publication Developments.  The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation will publish a series of four pieces in Developments that focus on the professional reflections of assessment from student affairs practitioners at different levels in their career.

The Commission for Assessment works to fulfill a dual mission. The first is to provide assessment tools, resources, and education for those new to assessment. The second is to provide a professional community and "home" for professionals who have all or a portion of their position dedicated to assessment. Partnering with Developments for this series will increase awareness and understanding about the experiences in assessment through different perspectives.

The Commission for Assessment and Evaluation has selected “Views of Assessmentas the theme to frame the four piece series. 

The Directorate plans to solicit individuals who are at the graduate student, new professional, mid-level, and senior student affairs officer (SSAO) for the series. Each article will focus on a combination of storytelling in addition to imparting pieces of advice. In partnership with the Developments editorial team, a total of four pieces will be selected as part of the series. Please submit a brief proposal (no more than 250 words) that includes:

  1. A basic overview of the piece that you would like to contribute to the series and how it is relevant to the experience of your level (graduate, new professional, mid-level, or SSAO).
  2. An indication of the aspects of assessment you will focus on including what you have learned at this particular level.
  3. The basic outline that you plan to utilize in your personal reflection. Additionally, please include your name and contact information, and professional/scholarly background (not included in the 250-word maximum). 

Please note that proposals may be submitted in collaboration by more than one author. Proposals should be sent to Dena Kniess, CAE Directorate Member, at and Dana Malone, CAE Director Member, at   Please feel free to contact Dena Kniess or Dana Malone with any questions you may have regarding the proposal process.

If accepted, published pieces must adhere to the following guidelines for Developments articles:

  1. Articles should be between 2500 and 3000 words in length, using proper APA Citation for references.
  2. Each article in Developments is accompanied by 2 or 3 discussion questions. Your questions should address issues raised in the article and/or help individuals take the content of your article into their personal and professional experience.
  3. The Developments editorial team and the Contributing Editor for the series will make all publication decisions.  
  4. Submitted pieces will be reviewed and categorized as: Accepted, Accepted with Minor Revisions, Accepted with Major Revisions, Rejected.


  • Authors identified: September 30, 2015
  • Proposals for articles due to CAE Directorate: October 31, 2015
  • Selections are made and authors are notified of status: December 7, 2015
  • First drafts of all manuscripts due to CAE Directorate: January 31, 2016
  • Feedback provided to authors on their manuscripts: March 31, 2016
  • Final drafts of manuscripts due to CAE Directorate: May 30, 2016