Title: Artist and Residence Hall Director

College / University / Organization: Stony Brook Univeristy

Position for which you are applying: Standing Committee on Disability, Chair

In the space below, please describe your involvement with ACPA, including any leadership positions you have held.

I have been a member of ACPA since 2011 and have not missed a conference, I have been on the Standing Committee for Disability directorate board as marketing the last two years and have also represented the SCD at Next Gen twice now. I have presented at ACPA in 2012 and 2014 conferences on Disability topics.

Please describe how you will work to advance ACPA’s Core Values if elected/appointed to this position.

I often think when diversity is looked at disability/ability is often overlooked in inclusiveness. I look for any opportunity I can to support this value within diversity.  Writing articles, making speeches and teaching a diversity peer educator class.

After reviewing the qualifications of the position for which you are applying, please describe briefly below how you believe you meet each qualification.

I have been attending the Committee meetings and phone calls for the last 2 years. I attend conference and this year step up to tackle revamping the Mission and Vision of the SCD and Deaf Culture Initiative. I also helped book all the Conference Calls and worked closely with the current chair. I am very organized and I am passionate about this committee and want to see it grow more in the future.   

As a leader, how will you contribute to the work of the Association?

I want to see us out more working with other committees and more visible at conference and taking on things throughout the year like webinars.

After reading the introductory statement about the ACPA Leader Selection Process, take a moment to reflect on your own experiences at the intersections of equity, inclusion and diversity. How will your experiences help you in our work to champion equity, inclusion and diversity within and outside the ACPA community?

As someone with a disability that makes art that relates to her disability I am often thinking about intersections of equity, inclusion and diversity in my work and daily life. I try to be an Ally to those that do not have a voice and speak up when something can be changed.