The call for programs is now open through midnight, June 1, 2018.

Leadership education touches many aspects of a student’s college career. The Leadership Educators Institute is your opportunity to share evidence-based practices from your campus or organization, learn from leading researchers in the field, and engage with other professionals who are committed to promoting student leadership development.

The Planning Committee knows it’s presenters like you who will make the Institute an impactful event. The Planning Committee is seeking innovative and thought provoking programs from a wide range of professional functional areas: leadership studies, student affairs, academic advising, career services, and more. Programs which enhance and progress the understanding of leadership, in either research or practice, will be considered.

Presenters will be asked to identify the content level of their session; foundational, intermediate, or advanced. Additionally, the content advisory committee will select programs based upon their relationship to the Institute’s themes (found below).

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  • June 1, 2018
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Leadership in Context

Sessions in this theme will contain substantial content in one of the following areas:

  • Connections between leadership education and student activism, civic engagement, and/or political engagement
  • Role of leadership education in career readiness and development of professional competencies 
  • Intersections of leadership education in identity development, critical perspective taking, service-learning, experiential learning, social justice, international education, and other functional areas
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to leadership education through various academic and curricular settings
  • Explorations of the purpose, aims, and intentions of leadership education
  • Professional and identity development of leadership educators 

Leadership Curriculum and Programs

Sessions in this theme will contain substantial content in one of the following areas:

  • Credit and non-credit courses with unique and innovative syllabi, curriculum, and pedagogy
  • Successful cohort-based leadership programs (i.e emerging leaders, multi-year programs, identity groups, leadership studies programs)
  • Strategies for overcoming development issues and lack of funding for leadership programs
  • Models and strategies that engage diverse and non-traditional students as leaders

Leadership Development Theory and Models

Sessions in this theme will contain substantial content in one of the following areas:

  • Effective strategies for translating theory into practice for today's diverse student population
  • Application of leadership theory and models in student learning and development
  • Cutting edge translation and application of leadership theories to leadership skills
  • Consideration of developmental readiness when planning and implementing programs
  • Reflections and applications of James MacGregor Burns’ theory of leadership in celebration of its 40th anniversary

Technology, Research, and Assessment in Leadership Programs

​Sessions in this theme will contain substantial content in one of the following areas:

  • Evidence-based practice including assessment findings and implications from leadership programs
  • Connections between leadership education, student success, and persistence
  • Use of technology to facilitate leadership development (i.e. virtual portfolios, social media, digital communities and communication)
  • New research and scholarship with implications on leadership education and practice
  • Applying CAS Standards for Student Leadership Programs, International Leadership Association Guiding Questions, or other guiding documents in the field


Please contact NASPA if you have any further questions about submitting a program proposal for the 2018 Leadership Educators Institute.

Jake Frasier
Assistant Director of Educational Programs
Phone: 202-719-1180