Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development
Friday, 16 March 2018 - 12:00pm to 2:30pm

A recording of the Symposium is available here

Learn about a unique study abroad program for Higher Education & Student Affairs graduate students and staff that included a collaboration with staff at a Ghanaian higher education institution. 

During January 2018, Dr. Candace M. Moore, Faculty Director of the Higher Education in the Ghanaian Context (HEGC!) study abroad program, with Dr. Jillian A. Martin, Co-Instructor for HEGC!, led a group of graduate students/higher education staff to Ghana for eleven days guiding participants worldview to expand beyond Western ideals of social justice education and engaged participants in a critical examination of concepts related to power, privilege, and oppression through their engagement with Ghanaian culture, the country’s approach to higher education, and specially the role of student affairs and assessment practices in the context of Ghanaian higher education. 

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We encourage you to join, even if you can only participate for a shorter period of time.

The schedule is available here:

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