Friday, 24 February, 2017 - 12:00
Miss the first webinar presenting the free, online suicide prevention trainings for Higher-Ed? No worries! Register for the next webinar on February 24th at 12:00pm to learn how you can champion the trainings in your institution! OSPF is offering two Kognito gatekeeper trainings for all students attending Ohio colleges and universities. These trainings educate students on how to recognize the warning signs of distress in their peers and how to help their peers find support.
Kognito trainings:
  • LGBTQ on Campus educates users on the unique challenges faced by their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning friends.
  • Veterans on Campus educates users on the unique challenges faced by military  members post-deployment and while in school.
The Kognito higher-ed trainings are for all students interested in being prepared to help their friends and class-mates. Both trainings use avatars to enable users to practice having tough conversations when they see a friend at risk. Through theseconversations, users are given confidence in recognizing, discussing, and referring peers to appropriate services who are in distress or at-risk for suicide.
For more information on the trainings visit:
For those interested in promoting these trainings on their campuses, a webinar will be hosted on February 24th at 12:00pm. This webinar will introduce you to OSPF, Kognito, the topic of suicide in higher-ed, how the trainings can help meet the requirements of House Bill 28, and how the trainings can help students in your schools!
Click here to register for Ohio Higher Education Webinar on Feb 24 at 12:00 PM. You will receive a confirmation email with information on joining the webinar.
To access the trainings visit: Registration for the courses is free with enrollment key: ohiospf