Commission for Academic Affairs
Wednesday, 24 October 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Do you currently work in a traditional area of student affairs and wonder what your next professional steps could be if you were to shift to a role more focused on academic affairs? While student and academic affairs are not mutually exclusive and can involve extensive overlap, focusing on students’ in-classroom learning, research, and related curricular success provides exciting opportunities. This panel will explore career trajectories of several individuals whose professional journeys began with a foundation in student affairs and who now focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives in academic spaces. Please join us!

This panel will be facilitated by Dr. Lynn Hogan and will feature the following invited guests:

Shannon Ashford
Program Manager of Student Diversity Education, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Wake Forest University

Jasmine Lee
Director of Student Success
Michigan State University

Shannon Van Gundy
Identity and Diversity in Organizations, Assistant Director in the Ross School of Business
University of Michigan

Amber Williams
Community Action and Social Change Minor, Assistant Director in the School of Social Work
University of Michigan

Registration is available here:

You need not be a member of ACPA to participate. This is a free webinar event co-hosted by the ACPA Coalition for Multicultural Affairs and Commission for Academic Affairs.

Please also consider attending the Commission for Academic Affairs drive-in pre-conference in the greater Boston area this spring, to further explore career pathways in academic affairs. More details will be available soon.