Coalition for (Dis)Ability
Wednesday, 15 November, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00

Research Roundtable: Dr. Ryan Wells

Join the Coalition for (Dis)Ability in our first Research Roundtable, as we invite Dr. Ryan Wells to discuss current topics and important research regarding disability, ability, and higher education. Dr. Wells currently is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Policy, Research, and Administration at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Dr. Wells investigates questions of college access, equity, and success for underrepresented and/or under-researched groups. Recent research includes the ways that socioeconomic status, disability, and geographic location are related to college success. Ryan is the author of a recent metasynthesis of literature related to disability in higher education. Come join us as we dialogue with Dr. Wells about some of his current research and important takeaways for Student Affairs practitioners.

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