Saturday, 21 January 2012 - 4:00pm


With the ever-changing landscape of higher education, student demographics, and educational delivery methods, professional development is an essential instrument to any student affairs division's toolkit. Professional development provides the opportunity for staff to develop and refine the skills and knowledge required to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our students. With reduced budgets, more and more divisions and departments are developing “in-house” professional development opportunities for their staff to maximize limited financial resources. Professional development is more than just a workshop here or a webinar there. Like the learning experienced by our students, professional development should be a curriculum comprised of a solid foundation, clear learning outcomes, a variety of delivery methods to address multiple learning styles, and integrated assessment methods. How can a department or division pull all of these elements together into a comprehensive, integrated curriculum.

Whether you are just beginning to develop this curriculum or you have a strong curriculum already in place, this symposium will be a valuable experience. The program will consist of a variety of educational formats include plenary sessions, best practices "spotlights," structured conversations, and individual working time.