Coalition for (Dis)Ability
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

The Coalition for (Dis)Ability and the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs are planning a virtual panel and space for professionals who identify as a person of color or indigenous/native heritage and a person with a disability to share their narratives and experiences of growing into and living in both of these identities. The panel will be taking place on February 20th at 12pm. For the purposes of this endeavor, we are defining disability very broadly to include (but certainly not limited to) physical disabilities, sensory-related disabilities (D/deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind/low vision), the neurodiversity spectrum (ADHD, Autism), learning disabilities, mental health challenges, and chronic health conditions. This panel represents the first in what we hope is a continued partnership in exploring the interconnectedness of race and disability, historically and politically. If you have any interest in serving as a panelist or questions about the panel, please reach out to Spencer Scruggs at by February 1st.