Professional Development Through Involvement in the Commission

The sharing of resources, materials, and ideas keeps our Commission on the cutting edge of work in our fields. CASHE welcomes involvement through membership in the Commission, participation with special projects or on the Directorate, and communication through listserv conversation, Facebook, LinkedIn, newsletter articles, webinars, and other writing contribution. A number of important committee and/or leadership position assignments, either resulting from appointments made by the Commission Chair or by the Directorate, perform many of the essential duties of this Commission. These assignments vary widely in the time commitment they involved and, of course, in the functions they fulfill.  We encourage you to consider these formal and informal leadership positions In CASHE.

CASHE Membership

Becoming a formal member of the Commission

When you join/renew your membership in ACPA, be certain to check the box next to "Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education." (Note: you will need to do this each year you renew in order to remain a member).

If you're already and ACPA member, please follow the steps below: 

  1. ​​Go to
  2. Enter the Member Login section of the web
  3. Enter your web User Name and web Password (this information was sent to you in a membership confirmation letter from ACPA)
  4. Select "My Profile" on the top page. 
  5. Select "Edit" my profle.
  6. Under "My Involvement and Listservs" click "Get More Involved" 
  7. Scroll down to Commissions and select Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education
  8. Return to the "Member Home Page" and select "Manage your email subscriptions" under "myRECORD".
  9. Select what types of communications you wish to receive 


Are you interested in short or long term projects and efforts? Want to engage with the commission while at convention? If so, please complete the volunteer interest form: Click Here

CASHE Directorate

Participating on the Directorate is a great way to get more involved in ACPA and to network with professionals who share many of the same interests. Contact our Commission Directorate to inquire whether openings currently exist.

Requirements to be a Directorate Member

  • Current membership in ACPA (open to both Graduate Students and Professionals),
  • Attendance at all Directorate sessions scheduled for the ACPA National Convention. This expectation includes the responsibility for attendance and participation even if institutional funding support is not available.
  • Assuming a leadership responsibility at least once during the three-year term. This may include chairing a Commission task force, developing a convention program, or heading a Commission meeting as needed. Directorate membership requires active leadership in the work of the Commission.
  • Not serving on any other ACPA Directorate bodies during the three-year term of office.

Cashe Communications

Cashe Blog

The ACPA CASHE blog was developed to promote critical academic inquiry, scholarship, and showcase transformative work developed by our colleagues across the county. Created by and for professionals associated with student academic support in higher education, this forum serves as an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to share innovative ideas in an accessible manner. The CASHE directorate team strongly encourages blog submissions to meet a 500-1000 word count requirement, display a clear connection to academic support and advising, and for flexibility of submissions as the directorate team reserves the right to choose articles for publication. Any student, professional, or organization and entity associated with ACPA who can draw clear connections to academic support in higher education is encouraged to submit. If you have any questions regarding the blog, please e-mail us at If you’re ready to sign up, please do so here: *CASHE BLOG SIGN UP*

CASHE Listserv

The CASHE listserv is a vehicle for our more immediate communication needs. According to a recently conducted interest survey of our members, 100% are interested in sharing resources (articles, program ideas, etc.), 72% are interested in discussing hot topics, and 55% would like to troubleshoot issues related to academic support.  The Iistserv is a great way to do all of these!

Please join in the conversation and share your thoughts about important issues related to academic support. Everyone is welcome to begin and jump in conversations via the Iistserv by signing up here: ListServ & Interest Form 

CASHE Newsletter

CASHE publishes a newsletter several times per year. We will send an electronic link through the Iistserv and post on the CASHE pages of this ACPA website. We are always seeking article submissions. If you are interested in contributing to the newsletter’s content, please contact Ami Rubango at:

CASHE Facebook Group

If you are a Facebook user, please "Like" the ACPA Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education page. It is an easy, quick way to stay up-to-date with CASHE happenings and in touch with other academic support professionals. Simply search “ACPA Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education” from the Facebook search bar. You will see an option to like our new page. If you stumble upon our old "Facebook Group" please recognize that this venue is now inactive and all formal communications can be found on our page once you click "like" here. 

CASHE LinkedIn Group

Please join our group as we continue to find ways for academic support professionals in higher education to connect with one another as professionals. Search "ACPA Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education" to find us.