The Governing Board will be composed of 12 voting members: President (elected), Vice President (elected), Past President (elected), Director of Equity and Inclusion (elected), Director of External Relations (elected), Director of Membership Development (elected), Director of Professional Development (appointed), Director of Research and Scholarship (appointed), Member-at-Large for Faculty (elected), Member-at-Large for Entry-Level Professionals (elected), Member-at-Large for Mid-Level Professionals (elected), Member-at-Large for Senior- Level Professionals (elected). The Executive Director of ACPA who will serve as both the Treasurer and Secretary will fill one ex-officio position.


View the most recent Governing Board Agendas and the most recent Governing Board Minutes.

Stephen John Quaye


Miami University, Ohio Email  |  Social:  @ACPAPrez @esjayque 

Donna A. Lee

Past President

Vice President of Student Affairs Macalester College (Saint Paul, Minnesota) Email  |  Social:  @deandonnalee

Jamie Washington


President, Washington Consulting Group Email  

Paul Gordon Brown

Director, Membership Development

Email  |  Social: @paulgordonbrown

Jason Meriwether

Director, External Relations

Indiana University, Southeast Email  |  Social: @JLMeriwether06

Richie Stevens

Director, Professional Development

Shepherd University Email

Eboni Zamani-Gallaher

Director, Research & Scholarship

University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign Email

Mary Tregoning

Director, Equity & Inclusion

University of California, Riverside Email

Chad Mandala

Member-at-Large Entry Level

Texas A&M University Email

Karol Martinez-Doane

Member-at-Large Mid-Level

Maryland Institute College of Art Email

Jim Breslin

Member-at-Large Senior Level

Bellarmine College Email

Ellen Broido

Member-at-Large Faculty

Bowling Green State University Email


Rose Viau

Assembly Coordinator, States

Northwest Missouri State University Email

Erin Simpson

Assembly Coordinator, Coalitions

University of Oklahoma Email

Amy Franklin-Craft

Assembly Coordinator, Commissions

Edinboro University Email

Letitia Williams

Assembly Coordinator, International Divisions

The University of Trinidad and Tobago Email

Dwayne Todd

Foundation President

Ohio Wesleyan University Email