The Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice exists as a centralized resource and advocate to address the needs and concerns of graduate students and new professionals in the American College Personnel Association, thus working to advance the field of student affairs in higher education. Membership in GSNPCoP is open to all interested parties, however, our focus is primarily for those individuals who self-identify as a graduate student in a master's or doctoral graduate program, and those professionals who have worked in the field of student affairs from one to five years.


  • To advocate for issues concerning graduate students and new professionals within ACPA and the field of student affairs.
  • To provide forums for lively and honest discussion and strategy related to current issues affecting graduate students and new professionals in higher education.
  • To provide orientation, educational and social programs at the annual convention designed to assist graduate students and new professionals with their entry into ACPA.
  • To provide year-long information and educational offerings designed to better inform our constituents about issues within ACPA and the field of student affairs that may impact them.
  • To encourage and support the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the professional and personal development of graduate students and new professionals.
  • To encourage and facilitate graduate students and new professionals involvement in leadership within the association and to foster overall professional development.
  • To act as a liaison to other coalitions, commissions, core councils, and task-forces within ACPA.
  • To promote, encourage, appreciate, and celebrate diverse opinions and perspectives, ethnicity, sexuality, and spirituality.

Apply to join the 2017-2018 GSNPCoP Directorate

The ACPA Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals (GSNPCoP) is seeking to fill the Coordinator positions on our Directorate team for 2017-2018!  This is a great way for graduate students and new professionals to get more involved in ACPA and all are welcome to apply for these opportunities.  There are a total of 27 Coordinator positions within GSNPCoP.  To learn more about these positions and apply, please visit our application.  If you have any questions or concerns about the application or the process, please feel free to reach out to Nick Fuselier at Nicholas.fuselier@unt.edu.  The deadline to apply is midnight of Monday, March 6th.  All decisions will be made by Monday, March 13th.  

Apply to be an Ambassador for 2017-2018

Learn more about our Ambassador's program and access the application here.

Webinar Series

The Student Affairs Educator: Taking an Intentional Approach to the Work We Do

Register here for the first webinar on February 22nd from 11am-Noon
Colleges and universities strive toward student growth and development through programming efforts. Offices with Student Affairs divisions invest significant fiscal and human resources into such initiatives with the intention of enhancing student learning outside of the classroom. Sponsored by the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals and the Commission for Assessment and Evaluation, this webinar will provide an introduction to intentional program design and implementation. What are best practices for identifying the purpose of a program or initiative? How do you know that your efforts were successful? Dr. Jim Tweedy and Mr. Dillon Kimmel from the University of Delaware will explore writing learning outcomes and connecting outcomes with assessment measures. Those new to backwards design and outcome-based planning will be well equipped to begin planning their own programs and initiatives in their functional area.

Call for Awards Reviewers

For this upcoming academic year, we are looking for volunteers to review award nominations submitted for our monthly and Convention awards. You could volunteer for monthly, Convention, or both. For monthly awards, we'll send you an email 6 times next year to elicit votes, and once for Convention awards around November. Sign up now

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